On This Day: March 3

By Benjamin Elisha Sawe on April 25 2017 in World Facts

Florida was admitted as a US State on March 3, 1845.
Florida was admitted as a US State on March 3, 1845.

What happened on March 3rd In...?

March is the third month of the year in both the Gregorian and Julian calendars. Meteorologically, spring begins on the first day of March in the Northern Hemisphere while it marks the beginning of autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. March 3rd is most likely to fall on a Saturday, Tuesday or Thursday is the 62nd day of the year or the 63rd day in a leap year, according to the Gregorian calendar.

The Statute of Rhuddlan is Enacted, 1284

The Statute of Rhuddlan is also known as the Statute of Wales and was enacted on March 3, 1284. The Statute provided the constitutional foundation from 1284 to 1536 for the North Wales Principality and government. After careful consideration from Edward I of his position in power, the statute of Rhuddlan was promulgated on March 19 at the Rhuddlan Castle in North Wales. Under the statute, the English common law system was introduced to Wales which allowed daughters to inherit land from their fathers in the absence of a son. Bastards were not permitted to inherit land and widows could inherit a third of their late husband's land.

The Olympic Theater Inaugurated, 1585

The Olympic Theater located in Vicenza, Italy was designed by Andrea Palladio who was an Italian architect who died before its completion. The Olympic Theater was constructed between 1580- 1585 and inaugurated on March 3, 1585. The Theater is among the only three Renaissance theaters that are still in existence. The Olympic Theater was listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994 together with the Palladian buildings around the city of Vicenza.

Statehood for Florida, 1845

On March 3 1845, Florida was admitted as the 27th US state. Florida had been colonized by Spain and later traded to the Kingdom of Great Britain in 1763. At the time of statehood, almost half of the state's population were enslaved African Americans working on sugar and cotton plantations. Originally part of the Union, discontent between the anti-slavery president Abraham Lincoln Florida and a state that generally felt otherwise led to an ordinance drawn up by Florida asking for its secession from the Union. In 1861 Florida joined the Confederate States of America, and fought for them in the Civil War.

The First Recorded Indoor Hockey Game,1875

On March 3, 1875, ice hockey became the first ever organized indoor game recorded in history. The game was played at the Victoria Skating Rink in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The game was organized by James Creighton who was also a captain to one of the two teams. Each team had nine members who used skates and sticks similar to those of outdoor hockey.

The Australia Act Passed, 1986

The Australia Act of 1986 was passed by both the Australian and the United Kingdom's parliament on March 3rd, 1986 giving Australia full independence from the United Kingdom.

Karachi Bomb Blast, 2013

On March 3rd, 2013, a bomb explosion in the Pakistani city of Karachi claimed the lives of at least 45 people while injuring 180 others. The blast took place in a predominant sheer Muslim area of Abbas Town destroying a number of buildings and setting others on fire.

Rodney King Police Brutality, 1991

On March 3rd, 1991, an amateur video taped by George Holiday was released to the press showing four police officers brutally beating George Rodney, an African-American taxi driver. The footage which was aired around the world raised awareness and concern on police brutality in particular among the minority groups in the US. The four officers were charged but later acquitted until in 1992 two of the officers were found guilty and imprisoned.

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