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What Happened On June 7th In...?

The New World was divided between Portugal and Spain, the Vatican was established, and the U.S. Navy realized victory over the Japanese at Midway in World War 2.

Some of the most notable events that have occurred on June 7th throughout recorded history from all around the world are discussed below.

1099 Siege of Jerusalem

The siege of Jerusalem took place during the First Crusade in Jerusalem on June 7th, 1099. At the climax of the first movement, there was a successful siege of Jerusalem by crusaders and laid the foundations for the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem. Among the crusaders were the Kingdom of France, Holy Roman Empire, Duchy of Apulia, and the Kingdom of England against the Fatimid Caliphate.

Treaty of Tordesillas

The Treaty of Tordesillas was signed on June 7th, 1494 at Tordesillas in Spain and was validated in Portugal thereafter. It was put into practice to create a fair division of the lands that had been newly discovered. The treaty had not included the geography of the new world and other European powers.

French Forces Capture Mexico City

After the defeat of the Mexican Army by the French Army under Francois Bazaine, the Mexican president and several cabinet members fled Mexico City, not to return until 1867. With their going to exile, the French army entered Mexico City on June 7th, 1863, and this allowed more French troops into the country.

The Lateran Treaty Established the Vatican State

The Lateran treaty was accorded between the Kingdom of Italy and the Pope and Cardinals of Rome, and it was signed in the Lateran Palace on February 11th, 1929 and consented on June 7th, 1929. The treaty has been upheld by successive democratic governments and has been enabled to recognize Vatican as an independent state. It was incorporated in the Italian constitution in 1947.

Nazi Germany Occupies Norway

The German invasion of Norway began in April of 1940, with the Norwegian resistance's rule ending in June of 1940. The Germans invaded Norway to protect it from British and French interference and ice-free harbors for efficient naval fights by their forces

Battle of Midway

The Battle of Midway primarily involve the Japanese Navy seeking to overpower the United States' forces and drive the US army out of the Pacific Ocean in order to ensure their dominance in the region. On June 7th, 1942 an assumption by Japanese forces led to the destruction of all their war equipment hence ensuring by the forewarned US Navy. The tremendous Japanese loss was hard to replace hence became a turning point in the Pacific war.

The Six-Day War

The Six-Day War took place from June 5th until June 10th, 1967. It was fought between Israel on one side and the forces of Egypt, Jordan, and Syria on the other. Israel conducted airstrikes on Egyptian airfields after the rising of tensions between the countries which caused multiple losses and injuries. Israeli seized Sinai and east Jerusalem before a ceasefire was signed.

Elvis Presley's Graceland Estate Opened to the Public

Graceland mansion was home to the late Elvis Presley, and is located in Memphis, Tennessee. The estate was purchased in 1957 with the help of the wealth Elvis Presley earned through his musical career. It was opened to the public on June 7th, 1982 and currently serves as a museum and has grown famous over the years. It has listed as a historic place and a national historic landmark.

Pinatubo Erupts on the Philippine Island of Luzon

Mount Pinatubo had been a dormant and inconspicuous mountain for many years. It has a dense forest where the indigenous Aetas people lived. Upon its eruption in 1991, it became the second largest eruption seen in the 20th Century, as well as the complicated aftermath that followed. The eruption led to the evacuation of thousands of inhabitants in the area, and adverse effects on the environment were witnessed.

‚ÄčThe UN Establishes the Israel-Lebanon Border

The border between Israel and Lebanon has on many occasions been referred to as the "Blue Line". The border was established so as to ensure the complete withdrawal of Israeli army from Lebanon. After the announcement by the Israeli prime minister that it will call back its forces, the Lebanese government did not want to participate in marking the border hence on June 7th, 2000 the United Nations conducted its survey.

What Happened On June 7th In...?

Notable Events Occurring On June 7th Through HistoryYear
The Siege of Jerusalem begins during the First Crusade.1099
Spain and Portugal define their territorial claims in the New World with the signing of the Treaty of Tordesillas.1494
French military forces capture Mexico City.1863
The Italian Parliament ratifies the Lateran Treaty, establishing the Vatican as an independent state.1929
The Norwegian government and royal family go into exile in England as Nazi Germany begins its occupation of Norway.1940
Americans claim a decisive victory over the Japanese in the Battle of Midway.1942
Israeli forces retake Jerusalem from the combined forces of the United Arab Republic (Egypt and Syria) and Jordan in the Six-Day War.1967
The late Elvis Presley's home at Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee is opened up to the public.1982
Mount Pinatubo begins to erupt on the Philippine island of Luzon.1991
The United Nations establishes the Israel-Lebanon border.2000

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