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What Happened On June 1st In...?

Ramses the Great became Pharaoh, Anne Boleyn became Queen of England, and James Ross reached the Magnetic North Pole.

In the Gregorian calendar, June 1st is the 152nd day of most years, and the 153rd day in leap years. In as far as the time before the common era (BCE) as estimated in the Gregorian calendar and into modern times alike, many events were able to take place on this date which swept the world and left notable marks as events of their nature in the history of the world. They include not only political events but also economic and developmental.

Ramses the Great Becomes the 3rd Pharaoh of the 19th Dynasty of Ancient Egypt

Ramses, the son of Seti I and Queen Tuya, had accompanied his father on his military campaigns into Libya since he was 14 years old. He became a co-ruler with his father by age 22 when he led his campaigns together with his sons. After his father's demise, he ascended the throne as the third king of the 19th dynasty on June 1st, 1279 BC.

Genghis Khan's Mongols Capture Beijing, China

Genghis, formerly Temujin, was born in around the year 1162 to Yesugei, a Khan leader among the Mongols. He started by killing his elder step-brother and took control of the clan of Mongols, killing all leading figures in rivals and forcing others under his leadership. In his Forties, he became known as Genghis Khan. In 1210 a new leader demanded that Genghis and his people should bow down to him, which he actively resisted and started campaigning by asking the Mongols to oppose the new rule and by 1213 they had overrun the Jurched territory, they broke the wall and attacked northern China. On June 1st, 1215 after the Golden Khan moved from Beijing, Genghis attacked it and forced the people into submission.

Anne Boleyn Becomes Queen of England

Anne Boleyn was the daughter of Thomas Boleyn, and was believed to have been born in 1501. After her education in the Netherlands and France, she came back home to marry her betrothed cousin James Butler, but Cardinal Wolsey broke the engagement. She started serving as a maid of honor to the then King Henry VIII's wife, Catherine. In 1523, she was betrothed to Henry Percy, but Cardinal Wolsey again broke the engagement, and in 1524 she went back home. Henry VII begun pursuing her in 1526 but she refused to be his mistress as her sister and made the king divorce his wife Queen Catherine and grant her Marquessate of Pembroke. He later married her on January 25, 1533, and June 1, 1533, crowned her as the Queen of England.

Continental Army General Benedict Arnold Court-Martialed

General Benedict Arnold served in the American Continental Army during the American Revolution. The court later charged him with 13 accounts of misconduct which Arnold resented and saw it as an ill treatment from the American army. Although they cleared him of most charges, General George Washington reprimanded him, which further infuriated him. He started communicating with the British about the possibility of changing sides and even conspired to let them capture the west point for £20,000. He tried to set up the Revolutionary leader George Washington as a bonus, but he escaped. His plan came to light when absent without leave Americans robbed the British officer John Andre and found Arnold's letters of betrayal to the British Army in his boots. In 1799, he was court-martialed and burned in effigy when the British surrendered in New York, and he became synonymous with a traitor.

Other Notable Events Occuring on June 1st

The 1st of June has been a special date, and one on which many notable events have happened throughout our world's recorded history. Other notable events that took place include James Ross of England becoming the first European to reach the earth's magnetic pole in Canada in 1831 and Otto Adolf being executed in Israel for his role in the Nazi holocaust by hanging in 1962. On the same date, Ted Turner launched the cable news network (CNN) from Atlanta, Georgia, the USA as 24-hour news television station 1980.

Notable Events Occurring on June 1stYear
Ramses the Great ascends to the position of the third Pharaoh of the 19th Dynasty of Ancient Egypt.1279 BC
Genghis Khan and his Mongols capture what is now Beijing in China.1215 AD
Anne Boleyn becomes Queen of England.
1533 AD
U.S. Continental Army General Benedict Arnold is court-martialed.1779
James Ross of England reaches the earth's Magnetic North Pole, then in what is now Nunavut in Canada, the first European to do so.
Otto Adolf Eichmann is executed in Israel for his role in the Nazi Holocaust by way of hanging.
Hundreds of Jews are massacred during the "Farhud" in Baghdad during the Anglo-Iraqi War.1941
Ted Turner launches Cable News Network (CNN) from Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A. as a 24-hour news television station.1980
U.S. President George H.W. Bush and Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev sign treaty to end their countries' production of chemical weapons.1990
U.S. President Barack Obama orders malware to be used against the cyber infrastructure of Iran's nuclear facilities.2012

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