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What Continent Is Costa Rica In?

Costa Rica is located in the southernmost portion of the continent of North America.

Costa Rica is one of the happiest countries in the world and is therefore a must see destination for many tourists. Located in the southernmost portion of the continent of North America, it shares its bordera with Nicaragua to the north, Panama to the southeast, and Ecuador to the south. The western coast is on the Pacific while the eastern one on the Caribbean Sea. The country has 4.9 million inhabitants, living on 51,060 km2 of land.

Flora and Fauna of Costa Rica

Costa Rica has incredibly diverse flora and fauna. The authorities have created protected parks and reserves over a quarter of the land to make sure that endangered species are well-protected.

Among the fauna, big cats are the most impressive. Tapirs and monkey species like capuchin and mantled howlers are common in the country. The country has an incredible variety of turtles, the sight of which will make any tourists’ day.

Costa Rica is also home to almost nine hundred species of birds and many bird watchers specially travel to the country to catch a glimpse of them. Beautiful birds like the resplendent quetzal and scarlet macaw feature in many tourist photographs. The bell-bird, umbrella bird, and the toucan are also present in the country.

Costa Rican Cuisine

The cuisine of Costa Rica has been influenced by Native American dishes, Spanish cuisine, African cooking traditions, and a number of other cuisines. Most traditional dishes have corn as an ingredient. The delicious tamale, which can be found even at street vendors, is a treat for many travelers. Other dishes like the national dish, gallo pinto (spiced black beans with white rice), fried plantains, and arroz con pollo (white rice served with chicken) are also cooked with perfection at most restaurants and enjoyed by the tourists.

Tourism to Costa Rica

Costa Rica has an international reputation for being a stable region in an unstable part of the world. Most of the people who work in the hospitality industry are well educated and use English, so there is no language barrier for tourists.

Recently, ecotourism has been given great attention by the government and Costa Rica is now ranked among the top ten nations in that regard, making it a Mecca for eco tourists.

Costa Rica’s 51,500 km2 of territorial waters have also been utilized and developed for tourism. This has been done by providing visitors with various travel packages that include visits to the reefs and marine activities like diving and snorkeling.

The country also has some impressive peaks. The highest point, Cerro Chirripó, is the fifth highest mountain in the whole of Central America, and stands at 3,819 meters above sea level. Costa Rica also has 14 volcanoes, with 6 of them showing constant activity.

There are also a number of Islands which have been developed to cater to ecotourism, and have been immensely popular with travelers.

Costa Rica has quickly become one of the most travelled places in the world due to the government’s attention to the tourism industry. For this reason, it is now featured in most “places to see before you die” lists. With its hospitable locals, amazing flora and fauna, delicious cuisine and stable economy, it is sure to be an incredible destination to travel to.

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