The World's Largest Exporters Of Non-Knit Gloves

Non-knit gloves have a variety of uses.

Non-knit gloves are protective wear that cover all or part of the hand. They are either manufactured through combining man-made fibers through chemical, thermal, and mechanical processes or a combination of two if not all the three processes. Their design enables them to serve a specific purpose ranging from heat and water insulation, maintenance of health and hygiene, or a protective barrier when handling potentially toxic material. Non-knit gloves fetch an approximate $799M in export revenue worldwide, making it the 886th most traded and 1016th most complex product as per the Product Complexity Index.

Leading Exporters of Non-knit Gloves


China is the leading exporter of non-knit gloves at $410M in the year 2016. China's superiority in the non-knit fabric industry is due to its global recognition in manufacturing and production. In 2016, China was declared the largest economy in the world with a total export of $2.06T versus an import cost of $1.32T resulting in a positive trade balance of $736B. The growth in industrialization was stimulated by World War 1 which adversely affected China's economy, forcing the government to spearhead rapid industrial growth and expansion. China also has a very large population with companies established in both the urban and rural regions. That coupled with the availability of modern infrastructure maximizes product manufacturing. China also shares it's boundaries with fourteen countries, among them India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan among others, which are relatively less advanced in infrastructure. This strategic location as well established trading organizations gives China a ready market for them to supply non-knit gloves to their neighbors and other distant countries.

Other 4 Leading Exporters

Trailing countries include Germany at $46.9M, Indonesia at $46.5M, the United States at $30.3M, and France at $27.8M occupying second, third, fourth and fifth place respectively. These top five exporters account for $561.5M, which averages 70.28% of the total world exports. The trade of non-knit gloves is dependent on supply and demand, with the United States, Germany, and France also doubling as the top three importers of these products at $306M, $64.5M, and $55.7M respectively. These countries purchase finished fabric as well as raw materials, reprocess them, and then export the products to other countries. The United States ranks at the top of China's export destinations while Germany is fifth.

Use of Non-knit Gloves

Non-knit gloves play a major role in facilitating day to day activities, providing alternatives that otherwise would not have been met by knit and woven gloves. Their advantages emphasize their use in their respective fields. Over the years, the trade of non-knit gloves has spiked in comparison to knit or woven gloves due to their advantages such as the lower cost, they can often be recycle or reused, and they are more ecologically friendly. They have wider fields for application especially where disposal is of great concern to the environment such as schools and hospitals.

The World's Largest Exporters of Non-Knit Gloves

Rank´╗┐CountryExport Value (Millions of US Dollars)
4United States30.3

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