The United States Army (USA)

The Army of the United States began its service to the country more than 241 years ago as the Continental Army.


The United States Army is one of the most powerful, professional, highly equipped armies in the world. The US Army was formed on June 14, 1775 by the Continental Congress to fight the colonial rule of Great Britain. The US Army is managed by the department of defense. In the year 2016, the US Army numbered with 1,015,000 soldiers, which is the third highest in numbers after China and India. It has fought many wars that has protected the nation with all kinds of odds and has helped many weak nations to cope up with their difficulties.

History and Structure of the US Army

As mentioned before, the journey of the US Army was started in June 14, 1775 when it was formed to fight with colonial rule of Great Britain, which helped the United States of America to get freedom from Great Britain in 1776. The US Army is one of the three wings of the US defense department. As of 2016, the Army has a regular force of 475,000 soldiers, 198,000 reserve Army personnel, and 342,000 in the Army National Guard, which equate to 1,015,000 soldiers in all.

The Importance of the US Army in National Defense

The US Army holds an important place in not only the defense of the country but also in the defense of humanity throughout the world. With nearly 5,000 aircraft, it has capability to deal with almost every debacle caused by humans. With the help of the Army, the United States is one of the most powerful and secured countries in the world. The soldiers are equipped with the latest technologies, including guns, rifles, grenades, bulletproof jackets, night vision equipment, vehicles, and advanced computing devices. The training given to the soldiers have made them eligible to fight any humanly power in the world, mastering them in land, sky and water.

Historical Position in the World

As the world’s most powerful Army, the US Army has delivered many responsible duties through the world. It was active in both the world wars fighting against the Nazi Germany, and dropped two atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan after the attack on Pearl Harbor (the U.S. Air Force was at that time part of the U.S. Army). The incidents of dropping nuclear bombs have created chaos all around the world. Since then, the US Army has established a special position across the globe. The US Army was also active in cold war in the 20th Century and fought wars against communist interests. It is currently active in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan to restore peace and fight against terrorism.

Famous Faces of the US Army Today

There have been many famous personnel throughout the history of the US Army. A few of them of today's Army are:

  • Four-Star General Robert B. Abrams, leader of United States Army Forces Command (FORSCOM)
  • Four-Star General Dennis L. Via, leader of Army Materiel Command
  • Four-Star General David G. Perkins, leader of Training and Doctrine Command
  • Lieuteneant Gerneral Charles T. Cleveland, leader of Special Operations Command

Legacy and Significance

The Pentagon-based United States Army has a great role and significance, whether viewed historically, in the present, or looking into the future. For every American, it is a proud moment to see the laurels achieved by the US Army. On the mission of restoring peace, securing nation, supporting their allies, and fighting terrorism, the US Army has reached a place which has proved difficult to attain for any of the other armed forces from around the world.

The United States Army (USA)

United States Army


Current Strength

475,000 active duty; 540,000 reservists and National Guard personnel; ~5,000 aircraft


Pentagon, Arlington, Virginia, U.S.A.


Ground-Based Warfare Capabilities


June 14th, 1775

Governing Body

U.S. Department of Defense


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