Where Have the Summer Paralympic Games Taken Place?

Wheelchair racing is one of the popular games at the Summer Paralympics.

The Summer Paralympics Games is a large multi-sport event that involves athletes who have different types of bodily disabilities. The Summer Paralympics takes place almost immediately after the Olympic Games. The International Paralympics Committee (IPC) is the main governing body for all Paralympics Games. The first official Paralympics Games took place in 1960 in Rome. During the first Paralympics Games, about 400 athletes participated from 23 countries. The event featured athletics, wheelchair fencing, swimming, archery, table tennis, wheelchair basketball, and snooker. Italy, the host nation finished at the top in medal standing followed by Great Britain, Germany, Austria, and the US.

The US As The Contested Winner On Past Paralympic Games

The US has taken part in all summer and winter Paralympics Games ever since the event was established. The US dominates on the all-time Paralympics Games medal table. Out of the 15 Summer Paralympics Games held between 1960 and 2016, the US has claimed the title eight times with some exceptions. The exceptions include the 1960 Summer Paralympics Games held in Rome where the US claimed 5th place, the 1972 games in Heidelberg where they claimed 2nd place, the 2000 games in Sydney where they claimed 5th place, the 2004 games in Athens where 4th was claimed place. There are several reasons why athletes in the US dominate the Summer Paralympics Games. One of the reasons is that the sports have always been ingrained into American culture. Throughout the US despite how big or small the location, there exists good sports infrastructure which largely helps in the facilitation of budding athletes. Lastly, sports in the US have always been integrated with education, and this plays a key role in developing the career of amateur athletes.

Emerging Trends In The Summer Paralympic Games

For the longest time, the US dominated the Summer Paralympics Games to the point of attaining the top position on the all-time Paralympics Games medal table. However, over the last five events, this trend has mostly changed as other countries have emerged to claim the number one spot. China has won the last three consecutive Summer Paralympics Games claiming the 6th spot at the all-time Paralympics Games medal table. China only started participating at the Summer Paralympics Games in 1984. However, since 1992 the country has impressively improved its medal haul at every event. China has bagged the most medals in wheelchair fencing during the last three Summer Paralympics Games, and the country has also shown dominance on the track and swimming as well.

Summer Paralympics Rio de Janeiro Games

Brazil hosted the 2016 Summer Paralympics Games in the city of Rio de Janeiro. The event featured 4,342 athletes from 159 participating countries. The opening ceremony took place on September 7th, 2016 while the closing ceremony was on September 18th, 2016. The event was the first of its kind to be held in a South American or a Latin American city. The People's Republic of China claimed 107 gold medals, 81 silver and 51 bronze bringing the total of medals to 239 in the 22 sport event. Two more sports were introduced to the 2016 Rio Paralympics Games including paratriathlon and canoeing. The next Summer Paralympics Games will be held in Tokyo Japan starting on August 25 to September 6th, 2020.

The Summer Paralympic Games Over The Years: Host Cities And Winning Countries

RankYear Of ParalympicsHost cityTop Performing Country
11960 Rome, ItalyItaly
21964 Tokyo, JapanUnited States
31968 Tel Aviv, IsraelUnited States
41972 Heidelberg, West GermanyWest Germany
51976 Toronto, CanadaUnited States
61980 Arnhem, NetherlandsUnited States
71984 Stoke Mandeville, United Kingdom New York, United StatesUnited States
81988 Seoul, South KoreaUnited States
91992 Barcelona and Madrid, Spain [94]United States
101996 Atlanta, United StatesUnited States
112000 Sydney, AustraliaAustralia
122004 Athens, GreeceChina
132008 Beijing, ChinaChina
142012 London, United KingdomChina
152016 Rio de Janeiro, BrazilTo Be Held

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