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Richest Pets In The World

Affluent animal lovers around the world have at times bequeathed millions of dollars to the beloved pets who were like family to them.

There are numerous examples in history where people have exhibited their love and concern for their pet cats, dogs, tortoises, and hens by leaving their wealth to these animals. Some of these pets have inherited millions of dollars from their doting owners and have led lives of luxury and comfort. Here is an example of some of the richest animals of the world:

Big Tibby

Millionaire Donald Moss left about $62,000 for his favorite pet tortoise, Big Tibby so that he would be taken care of after Moss’s death. The tortoise was purchased by Moss from a pet shop in Tib Street, Manchester, in 1945 and was named after the place. The money for Big Tibby was left with a trusted neighbor of Moss, Caroline Willams. Williams made extensive arrangements for Big Tibby to ensure Moss’s wish came true and Big Tibby lived in great comfort.


The wealthiest cat that ever lived, Blackie, the cat of millionaire Ben Rea inherited Rea’s fortune of $12.5-million after Rea’s death in May 1988. Blackie was the last survivor among the 15 cats owned by Rea, a millionaire antique dealer. A recluse by nature, Rea left nothing to his family but donated his fortune to three cat charities with instructions to them to look after his beloved Blackie.


An African parrot, Csoki inherited $ 61,977 USD from a millionaire from London, England named Victoria Brown.


A dog that saved the lives of the owners by alerting them of fire was rewarded by the owners who put their house in trust for the dog. The dog was no other than Flossie, the dog of the famous Hollywood actor Drew Barrymore.


When Miles Blackwell, a textbook publishing millionaire died just three weeks after his wife’s death in 2002, he left his fortune to a hen named Gigoo. Gigoo was a Scots Dumpy Hen, a special bird of heritage breed. Blackwell, a lover of these hens, also left money to ensure the preservation of heritage chickens after his death.

Grumpy Cat

Tardar Sauce or the Grumpy Cat is one of the most well-known animal personalities of the media and Internet world. She is famous for her apparently grumpy facial expression which is caused due to the underlying causes of underbite and feline dwarfism. Grumpy Cat was born on April 4, 2012, and her images went viral after the brother of her owner Tabatha, Bryan Bundesen posted her pictures on a social media website. Today this rich cat is worth at least $1 million.


A stray cat that found its way into the home of Maria Assunta, an Italian property magnate is worth $12.4 million. The black cat named Tommasino was so loved by Assunta that after her death, she entitled her fortune to the cat. Today, the money belonging to the cat is held in trust by Assunta's nurse.


Leona Helmsey, an American businesswoman, left $12 million USD to her dog Trouble. Trouble was a white Maltese Terrier and was left under the guardianship of Helmsey’s brother Alvin Rosenthal.

Toby Rimes

Toby Rimes, a descendant of a poodle of the same name which was owned by New York City millionaire Ella Wendel is worth $92 million USD. After Ella’s death, she left about $30 million to $80 million USD for her dog. The offsprings of this dog have since then inherited this fortune.

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