The Office: Destinations That All Office Fans Have To Visit

By Amber Levesque June 16 2020 in Entertainment

Scranton Pennsylvania: Wikimedia.
Scranton Pennsylvania: Wikimedia.
  • Adding the Dunder Mifflin logo to a lamppost in front of the city hall building, Scranton PA has embraced the notoriety of the show.
  • Guided tours are offered by Scranton’s local newspaper, featuring locations mentioned in the show.
  • Annually, there is an official Office convention held in Scranton.
  • Speaking of location, the shot where Jim proposes to Pam in the rain cost $250,000!
  • Steve Carell has overactive sweat glands; the temperature on set to be a chilled 64 degrees—forcing production to invest in space heaters for the rest of the cast.

As we patiently wait for airlines and borders to open, we fill our days re-watching The Office, whilst undoubtedly dreaming of travel. With high hopes that the world will be restored, and travel will commence, we dream of a travel bucket list. In the meantime we watch and re-watch The Office.  Covid-19 is not going to last forever, and when it is safe to travel again, we should pay homage to The Office. We all owe it to the show to express our gratitude; it has kept us sane and entertained during quarantine. Here are 10 must-visit destinations for any Office fan, post-Covid-19. 

10. Buffalo, NY

Granted, Buffalo closes their branch at the end of season 5… its worth a visit, considering they were “the best branch in the company”. The Office aside, Buffalo has a lot of offer visitors and residents alike- like craft beer. It has also been deemed Americas Best Designed City.

9. Miami, Ohio

Who can forget poor Kelly moving to Miami, which is Oxford, Ohio. Its safe to say Kelly was disappointment in the misunderstanding having given all her winter clothes away. We the fans need to know the suffering Kelly may have endured. But the big question remains, did it turn out to be the next Silicon Valley, as predicted by Ryan.

8. Utica, NY

Rolando is certain to greet you at the Utica Branch where I hope Karen is still the Regional Manager. If Utica was good enough for Stanley, its good enough to make this list. Once you’ve completed your attempt at stealing an industrial printer, check out the local art at the Munson Williams Proctor Arts Institute—which, incidentally, is connected to Pratt where we know Pam went to art school.

7. Stamford, CT

Any Office fan will need to visit Stamford, Connecticut as we know Jim transfers following the casino night. Just 2 and a half hours away from Scranton, you will still have time to grab a beer at the local brewery, Half Full Brewery. Or better yet, grab some Jagger and play a round of Call of Duty (bring an air-matress just in case). 

6. Scottsdale, AZ

Unsure if Jan ever visited her sister in Scottsdale, it is referenced several times by Jan. If you are an avid golfer or like the dry desert heat, you will enjoy Scottsdale… with or without Jan Levingston. Golf not your thing? Hike the Camelback Mountain, which has an elevation of 2,704 feet—don’t forget a water bottle!

5. Costa Rica

As Toby’s runaway destination, of course its been added to the Office travel list, just be careful while zip-lining in Costa Rica.Whether or not you’re a Toby fan, he is an invaluable member of the team and Costa Rica is a must visit destination for any Office Fan, just be sure you’re strapped in tight! If Zip-lining isn’t your cup of tea, there is so much to do in Costa Rica, you too will want to runaway and live there—no knee groping necessary. 

4. Jamaica

Specifically Sandals Resort, Jamaica is Michael and Jan’s vacation destination of choice—for obvious reasons! Michael will attest, one can’t go to Jamaica and not master the steel pan…or at least the beginning of “Feeling Hot”. Rest assured; you aren’t likely to run into the duo there—no one wants a Dinner party fiasco on their hands. With so much to see and do in Jamaica you will not regret adding this to your Office bucket list. For all our sakes, be sure to force people to ask you how your vacation was!

3. Lake Scranton, PA

Who can forget Beach Day? Of course, to make the list is Lake Scranton, which is according to Michael is Americas 8th largest indigenous body of water! Invite your friends, have a hot dog eating competition and partake in survivor type activities for the day! It is not recommended that you walk on a hot pit of burning coals. It should be noted that this scene was particularly miserable to shoot—having chose the most awful beach to shoot at on an unbearably hot day and unseasonably cold night.

2. Niagara Falls, NY

This “really kitschy” destination is an absolute must for any Office fan, as it is where Jim and Pam finally get married! Be sure to make reservations before you go, you don’t want to end up like Michael. While you’re there, check out one of North Americas natural wonders of the world, Niagara Falls. If you have a more adventurous side, book a helicopter ride to get a bird-eye view of the falls.  As Andy says - “What happens in Niagara stays in Niagara”.

1. Scranton, PA

Coming in at the top destination, this one seems obvious; how can you not visit the city in which The Office is based? Unfortunately, you can’t actually visit the location1725 Slough Avenue, as it was created in honor of the original British version in England. There are some places within Scranton PA that you can visit. While you’re there, check out Alfredo Pizza Café, which exists. You can answer the age-old question, is it really like eating a hot circle of garbage.  

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