The Coolest Neighborhoods in Canada

Or neighbourhoods, as Canadians would say.

10. Toronto - Kensington Market

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The neighbourhood has existed since 1884 and has grown over the years to become one of the trendiest places to live or visit in Toronto. High end restaurants, home decor stores, new generation coffee shops, salons, barbershops, boutiques and designer clothing stores are sprouting in the neighbourhood in large numbers. The night life in the neighbourhood is lively and vibrant with several night clubs and bars nearby.

9. Montreal - Mile End/Pleateau Mont-Royal

Ornate house designs are characteristic of many homes in the Plateau/Mile End.

The Mile End is a smaller neighborhood contained within the larger area known as the Plateau Mont-Royal. It is famous for its diverse art with a large population of artists. Various performances such as comedy shows, circuses and music shows are staged in the neighbourhood regularly. It is a shopping hub with many good sized boutiques mostly owned by the enterprising locals. The area is home to bookstores, coffee shops, bagel shops restaurants and craft beer bars.

8. Vancouver - East Vancouver

Victorian architecture in East Vancouver.

Most of the people living in this cool neighbourhood are young working class men and women, urban families, students and young couples. It is a haven for art and fashion and attracts a lot of designers and artists. You can find many boutiques, restaurants, cafes and groceries in the neighbourhood and the retail prices are generally affordable. The boutiques are especially renowned for stocking handmade accessories and crafts. Efficient public transport system is another great element of the neighbourhood.

7. Calgary - Kensington

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The urban village of Kensington is a commercial hub with about 250 establishments including restaurants, services and retail stores. The Kensington Art Supply and Instruction is the largest art store in Calgary and the Kensington Wine Market is a must visit. The real estate market has some cool homes, apartments and condos to offer and the prices are reasonable. The tattoo shops and the exemplary East Indian eateries on Kensington Avenue are top notch.

6. Edmonton - Strathcona

The neighbourhood has a rich history but that has not held it back from embracing urban trends in recent times. The neighbourhood’s coolness can be attributed to the student population from the University of Alberta residing here. Modern architecture in the neighbourhood is impressive and the locality is generally visually appealing. Old Strathcona, where a major part of the Strathcona neighbourhood is located, is a vibrant place full of shopping stores and entertainment joints. It also has numerous outstanding music shops, art galleries and unique boutiques. The cafes and restaurants here are also very trendy.

5. Ottawa - The Glebe

Editorial credit: Paul McKinnon / The annual Glebe neighborhood garage sale.

This neighbourhood’s environment is strikingly green and lush with the breathtaking Rideau Canal providing one of the most scenic views. Lansdowne Park located in Glebe attracts thousands of sports and art lovers. Various events and festivals are held within the locality all year round and the turn up is always huge. The Glebe offers shoppers a worthy treat with all kinds of services and products on offer. Food lovers are spoilt for choice here with restaurants such as Arrow and Loon, vegetarian eateries, coffee shops and bakeries and themed restaurants like Anthony’s which specializes in Italian Cuisine. The bars and pubs are also classy.

4. Winnipeg - Osborne Village

The hip neighbourhood is home to some of Winnipeg’s most popular live music bars and a lot of restaurants. It is an artistic neighbourhood and the Gas Station Arts Centre is the place to visit for fashion shows, plays, music concerts, visual presentations and lectures. Their celebration of Canada Day is legendary because a large street party is held. Shopping around the neighbourhood’s cool boutiques and shoe stores is popular with young people and they also stock a wide range of accessories. Dining options in the Osborn are unlimited and you can enjoy anything from sushi to Ethiopian delicacy after which you can catch a drink or go clubbing.

3. Quebec City - Saint Roch

The beautiful neighbourhood of Saint Roch has grown in to one of the trendiest areas in Quebec City with the finest restaurants and classy stores. Most of its residents are young working class people especially IT experts, artists and students. Various events are held in its garden and you can also find modern art galleries art spaces here. Espace Hypérion stages exciting creative performances and it is a signature attraction of the neighbourhood. There are numerous stylish shopping stores, indie boutiques, eateries, bars and restaurants.

2. Windsor - Walkerville

The historic Willistead Manor in Walkerville, Windsor.

The neighbourhood has a rich history and now it is one of the best and liveliest places in Windsor. It is a hub for contemporary art with venues such as the Olde Walkerville Theatre and festivals like the Walkerville Fringe Festival and Walkerville Art Walk. The globally renowned spirit Canadian Club is brewed in the neighbourhood’s native brewery and they also have a variety of craft beers. The district is a haven for shoppers even though the stores are not large. The service sector is also vibrant with establishments like restaurants, pubs, night clubs and coffee shops.

1. Halifax - North End

This neighbourhood is home to the best and high ranking eateries in Halifax and it also boasts numerous microbreweries. Food is one of the main attractions of North End and even though the restaurants specialise in different cuisines, they all utilise seasonal and locally found ingredients. Housing is affordable here and the locality attracts students, youthful working class people, musicians as well as families with low earnings. The stores in the neighbourhood stock everything from home decor, art, clothing, jewellery and household goods.


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