The 10 Costliest European Cities For Backpackers

Backpackers in Zurich, Switzerland.

The City of Zurich in Switzerland ranks as the most expensive for backpackers according to the Daily Backpacker Index. Europe is home to impressive metropolises, some of which come with a huge price tag. Some of the priciest European Cities for backpackers are:

1. Zurich

Daily expenditure in Zurich, Switzerland is estimated at $124.67. Switzerland is identified as one of the richest nations and Zurich attracts a wealth of business travelers as well as those travelers on expense accounts. The average price for meals is $37.50 and $21.00 for drinks and entertainment.

2. Reykjavik

As the biggest city in Iceland, Reykjavik attracts its fair share of foreign travelers. The costs of staying in the city are high as daily meals and transportation will set a visitor back $3,720 and $800 respectively. A visitor will spend an average of $1,500 to view Reykjavik’s attractions. The total daily expenditure in the city amounts to $99.30.

3. Venice

The Italian City of Venice is among the country's most prominent regions, and its attractions include canals, grand churches, bridges, and museums. A visitor will spend approximately $94.43 on a daily basis in Venice including $26.40 for meals, $7.00 for transportation, $12 for attractions, and $12 for drinks and entertainment.

4. Bergen

The Norwegian City of Bergen is an attractive destination due to its proximity to natural sites such as fjords. The City is however very costly with daily costs amounting to $91.34. The expenditure for daily meals amounts to $240 while that for drinks and entertainment is $180.

5. Oslo

Another pricey Norwegian City is Oslo, where daily costs are estimated at $69.68. As the capital of Norway, Oslo supports a lively urban scene, and it also has a pool of attractions including several museums. On average, meals in the city costs $228 while transportation and attractions cost $60 and $60 daily.

6. Stockholm

The beautiful Swedish City of Stockholm is a favorite with travelers. The costs of staying in the city are however quite high as a visitor will part with $87.08 daily. Daily meals are the most expensive and are estimated at $216 while transportation is the least costly at $72.

7. London

London has a reputation as pricey and daily costs add up to $86.13. Although the major museums are free to access, most of the other amenities are costly. Daily meals are estimated at $21 while attractions and transportation are about $15 and $4.80, respectively.

8. Interlaken

Although Interlaken is not among Switzerland’s big cities, prices can prove quite expensive for a traveler. Daily costs will add up to $85.44 in this city including $38.40 for meals and $10 for attractions.

9. Copenhagen

Copenhagen ranks as one of the priciest Scandinavian Cities as well as one of the most charming cities in the country. The daily expenditure in the Danish Capital is estimated at $83.33. Daily meals cost $168 while transportation, attractions, and drinks and entertainment cost $48, $80, and $120 respectively.

10. Amsterdam

Amsterdam is famed for its wealth of museums which are more than 50. One popular site with tourists in Amsterdam is Leidseplein which has numerous coffee shops, restaurants, theaters, and clubs. The Red Light District is another of the city's most renowned spots. The daily expenditure in Amsterdam is about $80.96 including meals at $15.60 and attractions at $15.

Cutting Travel Costs

Although some European cities can prove costly to travel, visitors can adopt some strategies to save money. Choosing a hostel that is on the outskirts of a costly city is a practical and less-costly way of cutting accommodation costs. Youth hostels and renting rooms in private homes are also ways of saving money. Visiting a destination during the low or mid season also saves money as well as giving an authentic experience.

The 10 Costliest European Cities For Backpackers

RankEuropean CityDaily Backpacker Index (USD per day)
1Zurich, Switzerland$124.67
2Reykjavik, Iceland$99.30
3Venice, Italy$94.43
4Bergen, Norway$91.34
5Oslo, Norway$69.68
6Stockholm, Sweden$87.08
7London, England$86.13
8Interlaken, Switzerland$85.44
9Copenhagen, Denmark$83.33
10Amsterdam, Netherlands$80.96

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