Sticky Fingers - 10 US States With The Highest Burglary Rates

The South-Central states have the highest burglary rates across the US.

Burglary is defined as a property crime and is the forceful and unlawful entry into premises without the consent of the owner. Burglary is among the most widespread property crimes in the United States. However, there are ten states which have the highest burglary rates.

10 US States With The Highest Burglary Rates

New Mexico

New Mexico is the state with highest burglary rate in the United States, with 830.4 incidents reported per 10,000 of the inhabitants in the state. Many of the burglary incidents are reported in Albuquerque, the state’s capital. The city witnessed more than 38,500 burglary and larceny incidents in 2016. The FBI reported that the state had a 6.2% increase in property crime in 2016.


Arkansas has the second-highest burglary rates of any state, standing at 795.5 incidents per 10,000 inhabitants. There were an estimated 23,771 burglary cases reported in the state in 2017. Pine Bluff is often regarded as the most dangerous city in the state, with more than 6,300 property crime incidents per 100,000 inhabitants.


The state of Mississippi has the third-highest burglary rate in the country, with a burglary rate per 10,000 residents being 781.4. The state has about 23,350 burglary cases reported each year. Vicksburg and Mccomb are Mississippi’s cities with the highest property crime rates, with rates per 10,000 inhabitants standing at 622 and 537.5 respectively.


The burglary rate in Oklahoma is America’s fourth-highest, standing at 741.7 cases per 10,000 inhabitants. Of the 117,000 property crimes reported in Oklahoma annually, 29,100 are burglaries. The cities of Catoosa and Tulsa, which have the highest property theft cases of in Oklahoma, are the state’s most dangerous cities regarding burglary.


Property crimes far outnumber violent crimes in Louisiana. Of the property crimes, burglaries are second-most widespread, behind the theft. There are an estimated 34,600 burglary incidents reported each year in Louisiana, translating to a burglary rate per 10,000 inhabitants of 740.5, the fifth-highest of any state.

North Carolina

The burglary rate in North Carolina per 10,000 inhabitants is the sixth-highest in the United States, standing at 710.4. There are about 277,000 property crimes witnessed in the state each year. Burglaries account for the majority of the property crimes in the state and are only exceeded by theft cases.


Alabama is ranked at seventh place in the states with the highest burglary rates. The state’s burglary rate per 10,000 inhabitants stands at 700.5. There are about 34,000 burglary incidents reported each year in Alabama.


The eighth-highest burglary rate in the United States is in Washington, which has a burglary rate of 674.8 per 10,000 inhabitants. Each year the state witnesses about 49,100 burglary incidents. Seattle has the highest number of burglary incidents of any city in the state, and among the highest in the United States.

South Carolina

South Carolina has a burglary rate per 10,000 inhabitants of 664.7, the ninth-highest in the country. The state witnesses about 32,000 burglary incidents, of the estimated 160,000 property crimes recorded in the state annually.


Nevada has the tenth-highest burglary rate that currently stands at 641.1 per 10,000 inhabitants. There are about 18,900 burglar cases recorded in the state each year.

National Statistics

Burglary is the second-most widespread property crime in the United States, with the annual rate only being exceeded by theft. There are an estimated 1.5 million burglary incidents reported in the United States each year. The average annual burglary rate in the United States per 1000 inhabitants stands at 4.69.

Sticky Fingers - 10 US States With The Highest Burglary Rates

RankStateBurglary Rate (per 10,0000 inhabitants)
1New Mexico830.4
6North Carolina710.4
9South Carolina664.7

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