States With the Highest Student Debt Average

In the United States, many students graduate with debt.

At the moment, it is rare to obtain a university degree without getting involved in student debt. It is particularly common for students in the United States to have a high amount of student debt upon graduation. The analysis below shows the states that recorded the highest levels of student debt in the year 2015.

5 States With the Highest Student Debt Average

New Hampshire - $36,101

New Hampshire recorded the highest level of student debt for the year 2015, averaging at $36,101. According to The Institute for College Access & Success (TICAS) New Hampshire also recorded the highest tuition and fees in the entire nation. Low level of government funding of public higher education was directly connected to the high levels of student debt. The independent institute recommended the government should increase federal grants and increase funding for higher education.

Pennsylvania - $34,798

In the year 2015, student debt average in Pennsylvania was $34,798 which was higher than the national average of $28,000. For most of the students who graduated in that year, their concern was mainly the impact which such debt would bring to their future personal growth such as the power to own a home, start a family or even get married. They felt that such debt would slow their progress.

Connecticut - $34,773

The state of Connecticut was ranked third with the highest student debt average at $34,773 against the nation’s average of $28,000. This high amount of student debt was attributed to high tuition for public universities which was averaging at $11,730 compared with the nation’s benchmark average of $9,650. Another contributing factor was the high premiums paid by the out of state students who attend a school in Connecticut.

Delaware - $33,849

At fourth place is Delaware. The state’s student debt averaged at $33,849. This high average on student debt was due to the high tuition and students fees for both in-state and out-of-state students.

Rhode Island - $32,920

Rhode Island was the fifth state with the highest level of student debt in the year 2015. The argument about the high student debt was due to the insufficient government funding. Its average student debt was at $32,920 which was still higher than the national average.


Student debt has constantly risen over the years because of increase in-state tuition fees and the numerous increases in the population of students in public universities without a simultaneous growth of government funding. The continuous rise of student debt has a great implication on families, society and the economy of a nation as student debt slows both economic development and personal growth.

States With the Highest Student Debt Average

RankStateAverage Student Debt (USD 2015)
1New Hampshire36,101
5Rhode Island32,920
7Massachusetts 31,466
8District of Columbia31,452
9South Carolina30,564
11New Jersey30,104

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