Pyeongchang 2018 Champions By Athletic Representation

Pyeongchang hosted the Winter Olympics in 2018.

The Winter Olympics competition which took place in PyeongChang in South Korea lasted for 19 days. Based on the number of medals won, the winning team was Norway. Norway scooped 39 medals during the Olympics. Coming in second was Germany with 31 medals, and the Canadian team clinched the third position. Canada won 29 medals during the global event which attracted more than 3,500 participants. In addition, over 80 countries were represented during the South Korea Olympics 2018. With regards to participation, the countries which had the highest number of athletic representation were the United States (241 people), Canada (225 persons), and Germany (153 participants). On the contrary, Liechtenstein had the least number of representatives with only three competitors. Nevertheless, the team of three won one medal.

Pyeongchang 2018 Champions by Athletic Representation

During the previous Winter Olympics held in 2014, Norway was third in position having won 26 medals. This year they added 13 more medals to be first in the worldwide competition. Specifically, Norway’s athletic team won 14 gold medals, 14 silver medals, and 11 bronze medals. The country presented one of its best performances over the years overtaking both Russia and the US that were winners in 2014 Winter Olympics. Norway dominated the Olympic Games in sport such as cross-country skiing and jumping.

Germany was the second best team during the Winter Olympics 2018. The country won 14 gold medals, 10 silver medals, and 7 bronze metals. There was stiff competition between the Germany and Norway teams. Germany produced outstanding results in ice track events such as Ski jumping (4 medals), ice track events (11 medals), and biathlon (7 medals). Besides, one of the most exciting achievements for Germany was becoming second in the hotly contested men’s ice hockey sport. Losing narrowly to Russia during the finals, Germany won a silver medal.

Canada, being in third position, won 11 gold medals, 8 silver medals, and 10 bronze medals. With a delegation of 225 athletes and 87 coaches, Canada was among the first three states that were represented at the 2018 Winter Olympics in large numbers. In fact, this was the first time that Canada had such a large number of participants. However, the team seems to have been very well prepared for the competition.

Surprises during the 2018 Winter Olympics

One of the greatest surprises at the Olympics was the US women’s ice hockey team beat the Canadian team. Canada had held the women’s ice hockey winning title for 20 years. Furthermore, there were stunning individual performances such as of snowboarders like Red Gerard, Jamie Anderson, and Chloe Kim. However, individuals such as Nathan Chen and Mirai Nagasu of the United States team performed below expectations. Another unprecedented surprise was the fact that the United States missed out among the first three best performers. The team did not achieve its target of 37 medals and a minimum of 25 medals. Instead it ranked fourth with 23 medals won.

Pyeongchang 2018 Champions By Athletic Representation

RankCountryTotal Medals WonNumber of Participating AthletesShare of Medals Per Athletic Representation
7South Korea1712313.82%
13Olympic Athletes From Russia1716810.12%
14New Zealand22010.00%
15United States Of America232419.54%
18United Kingdom5588.62%
20Czech Republic7967.29%

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