Once Common Baby Names That Are Becoming Extinct

By Victoria Simpson on March 24 2020 in Did You Know

Emma was the most popular baby girl name in 2018.
Emma was the most popular baby girl name in 2018.
  • Liam, Oliver and Theodore were popular baby boys' names in 2019.
  • Charlotte, Amelia and Violet were popular baby girls' names in 2019.
  • Mary, Helen and Dorothy were top baby girls' names in 1919.

Choosing a name for your child may come easy to you. It could be that you have been planning the day you become a mother or father for years and that you have all the names needed already lined up. The names of ancestors, living family members, and people you look up to in society can be great sources of inspiration. 

 For others, however, choosing the right name to accompany that little bundle all the way through its (hopefully) long life can seem arduous. Are you looking to keep traditions alive while paving the way toward the future?

Here are ten names that were once common for babies, but now actually risk becoming extinct.

10. Scott

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Yes, it seems almost impossible to imagine this name completely disappearing from the planet. If you are nearing middle age, or perhaps even younger, you may have encountered more “Scotts” than you can possibly ever count, on your life journey so far. 

Perhaps it is the extreme popularity that this name has experienced in the near past, (as may be the case with other names on this list), that puts it well on the road to being passé. 

According to Cosmopolitan.com, only 79 people were given the name “Scott” in 2017 in England and Wales, compared with 1,632 babies born in 1996.

9. Andrew

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In England and Wales, the name “Andrew” also dipped dramatically in popularity, as 250 babies born in 2017 were given the name, whereas 2676 were named “Andrew” in 1996.

8. Cecil

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No offense intended if you have the name Cecil, but it does not seem to be a dire loss if we turn away from this one, at least at the moment. According to AARP.org, Cecil is on its way out.

7. Malcolm

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Aarp.org also cites “Malcolm” as being on the edge of disappearing from the world of names as we know it. It could depend on the country you look at, however, with this one. Malcolm may be on the way out in the British Isles, but the popularity of historic figures like Malcolm X could place it at a different ranking elsewhere.

6. Wayne

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It is hard to envision a cute little snuggly bundle named Wayne. He certainly must exist somewhere, but according to statistics gathered by Brit + Co., his presence is dwindling.

5. Wendy

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This is a difficult one to witness disappearing. The name “Wendy” was first made popular in the novel Peter Pan by J M Barrie. Is the fantastical nature of the story it comes from and the eternal youth it represents going out of style?

4. Doris

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Who does not have a great old aunt named Doris? Well, fewer people soon will, statistics say. This Greek name is said to mean “gift”, and in Greek mythology, it refers to the daughter of Oceanus and mother of the sea-nymph Nereids.

3. Horace

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Some think that this name comes from the Latin word “hora”, which refers to an hour or a period of time. Unfortunately, it is also going out of style, as the sand passes through the hour glass.

2. Sally

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There is something evergreen about the name “Sally”. It was originally said to be a nickname for “Sarah” but was strong enough on its own to take the stage all by itself. Will we see it again, soon?

1. Tracey

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Used as both a girl’s name and a boy’s name, “Tracey” is said to come from the Irish word “treasach” which means to be war-like, superior, or a fighter. It has also seen its most popular days in the past, at least for the time being.

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