Nations Where Newborn Boys Are Most Likely To Reach Age 65

Life expectancy at birth is a good indicator of quality of life within a country.

The quality of life and general health of a country can be estimated through various metrics including average life expectancy and survival rates among a population. A new statistic is used to project survival rates of newborn babies to the age of 65. The results provide us with an insight into the quality of living conditions and medical facilities in a country. Pollution, human development and healthy lifestyle adaptations are also contributing factors that impact life expectancy. A high survival rate for newborns reflects the parent’s proactive approach on improving the quality of life of their children.


A strong correlation can be established between countries with high survival rates and human development index. The majority of the top 10 countries (8 out of 10) can be found in Europe, where healthcare and general social services are at a higher quality than anywhere else in the world. Singapore and Hong Kong (both in Asia) complete the list of top 10 countries with the highest survival rates for infants to the age of 65.

Quality Healthcare

Quality healthcare is the main reason for a high survival rate of a baby. Better services for mother and child reduce infant mortality rates and quality healthcare ensures the child remains healthier throughout its lifetime. Vaccines for many fatal illnesses are widely available and pre-emptive measures and medical advancements continue to improve life expectancy rates all around the world. Iceland, Hong Kong and Sweden are commonly listed among the countries with the best healthcare systems in the world.

Environmental Factors

All countries on this list are well known for having relatively low pollution in land, air and water when compared to other countries. Clean water and air prove to be the two most important factors while determining the average life expectancy.


The average lifestyle of the population of these countries was found to include more health-conscious diets and included exercise as part of the daily routines of most adults. In addition, children are encouraged to take part in extra-curricular activities by their parents which includes activities like sports and dancing. Parents taking active interest in the development of their children as well as proactively taking care of themselves raises the life expectancy of their children.


In conclusion, citizens in the top 10 countries listed lead healthy lives, have balanced lifestyles and have access to great healthcare systems. Advances in the medical and technology fields have also contributed to the dramatic improvement of life expectancy figures. As a result, more children are enjoying childhood with a great balance of nutrition and physical activities as they develop into adults. Not only does this improve the productivity of the country, but it also improves their lifestyle in general. A healthy lifestyle brings citizens to the retirement age while still in good shape and they can look forward to many years beyond the age of 65.

Nations Where Newborn Boys Are Most Likely To Reach Age 65

RankCountryPredicted Survival Rate to Age 65 Among Newborn Boys
2Hong Kong90%

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