Most Famous Serial Killers In Asia

By Antonia Čirjak on February 28 2020 in Society

Serial killers, unfortunately, become very famous and get a lot of coverage in the media.
Serial killers, unfortunately, become very famous and get a lot of coverage in the media.
  • Tsutomu Miyazaki was a cannibal and a necrophile who killed and mutilated four girls between the age of 4 and 7.
  • Cyanide was the poison of choice for both Chisako Kakehi and Lê Thanh Van, who were both nicknamed ‘’Black Widow’’, because of their victim selection.
  • Charles Sobhraj, responsible for killing 12 people, managed to escape the prison and is still on the loose.

Serial killers, unfortunately, become very famous and get a lot of coverage in the media. Whether it happens before they get caught, or during the crimes and murders they commit, people that become serial killers, always remind us how cruel and vicious humankind can be. Here are the most notorious examples of serial killers from Asia.

7. Charles Sobhraj

Source: South China Morning Post

This French serial killer, with combined Vietnamese and Indian origin, killed 12 people during the 1970s. Also known as ‘’The Serpent’’, Sobhraj’s victims were mostly tourists traveling to Asia from Europe. Along with his female associate, Sobrhaj murdered both men and women, changing his violent ways with each murder: burning people, poisoning them, or even drowning them. Unfortunately, this one got away - Charles Sobrhaj escaped prison and is still alive. 

6. Lê Thanh Van

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Among killers who used cyanide as a method of execution was Lê Thanh Van, a woman from Vietnam who viciously murdered members of her family. This case was also severe for the police to prove, as Thanh Van had experience as a member of an army medical team. It was during her training where she learned how to cover up the cyanide in a victim’s body, making it nearly impossible to trace back.

She would even escort the poisoned victims to the hospital, pretending she was in shock, but snapped out of it soon, as she would take their possessions. From 1998 to 2001, Lê Thanh Van killed 13 people, including her ex-husband, her mother-in-law, and brother-in-law, as well as her foster mother. She was sentenced to the death penalty in 2004. 

5. Chisako Kakehi

Source: The Cut

Known as the Black Widow from Japan, this woman killed at least eight men. From 1994 to 2013, Kakehi murdered all the men she dated, and she was even married to some of them. It all started with her husband, who Kakehi killed, as she said - out of pure hate.

Kakehi was arrested in 2014 only after her fourth husband was found dead from cyanide poisoning. Although Chisako Kakehi changed her statements during the trial several times, and the defense even tried to plea for dementia, it was all over when the police found a bag of cyanide near her home. 

4. Yoo Young-Chul

Source: South China Morning Post

From September 2003 to July 2004, this South Korean citizen spread fear across the capital city of the country, Seoul. Young-Chul started his spree by killing mostly elderly citizens, breaking into their apartments, and smashing them with a massive hammer. After a while, he changed his focus and started killing young girls that were in either escort or massage type of business.

Possibly inspired by Mr. Lecter, he also confessed how he ate parts of his victims - brain and liver were on the menu. Although he was tough to catch and left very few traces behind the crime scenes, Young-Chul is currently awaiting the death sentence for (at least) 20 murders he committed.

3. Tsutomu Miyazaki

Source: Allstarbio

Miyazaki was born in 1962 with the deformation of his hands. Because of it, he was mocked during his childhood days, which ultimately led to depression and the development of an inferiority complex. The crimes Miyazaki committed are so heinous, so do not read the next sentence if you are of a weak stomach.

In two years, from 1988 to 1989, Miyazaki kidnapped and murdered four young girls. None of them was older than 7. Miyazaki also mutilated the bodies, sexually assaulted the dead bodies, and even used parts of their limbs as a glass to drink their blood. Tsutomu Miyazaki was executed in 2008. 

2. Javed Iqbal Umayr

Source: Listverse

This Pakistanian serial killer death toll is shocking. It is confirmed that Umayr is responsible for sexual torture and killing of at least 100 young boys. For a long time, Umayr claimed that he was nothing more than a witness to these murders. Still, eventually, he admitted what happened. Umayr has sexually abused, strangled, and dismember the children. He tried to cover up his trails by placing the body parts in decomposing acid. 

1. Ahmad Suradji

Source: Unreserved

This killer from Indonesia is responsible for torturing and killing 42 women. Suradji was prone to criminal activities from his early days, but he mostly stuck to stealing and public fights. After he started to obsess with issues of the paranormal and mystical, his crimes took a dreadful turn. From 1986 to 1997, Ahmad Suradji killed 42 women, believing that the murders would transform him into a god-like mystic. Suradji would consume the saliva of his victims, as they would take their final breath.

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