Loose Legislation Could Be To Blame For Amusement Park Injuries

More than 1,500 accidents were reported across various amusement parks in 2016 alone. One of the reasons for this could be inconsistencies in the way states manage safety.

Amusement park rides are major family events enjoyed by people of all ages. While these amusement park rides are mostly fun and safe, tragic incidents sometimes occur leading to death and injuries of the attendants.

More than 1,500 Injuries Reported in 2016 Alone

According to the Amusement Safety Organization, more than 1,500 injuries were sustained in 2016. Accidents in the amusement park rides are becoming more common. This assertion comes after the recent accident in the state of Ohio at the Ohio State Fair Ride. The report from NBC News indicates that from the accident, one person died, and seven others sustained minor to life threatening injuries. The accident occurred due to a malfunction of The Fire Ball ride throwing a whole row of a gondola wheel and its passengers off the board. The accident prompted the shutdown of all rides at the fair. While other activities will proceed as usual, the Fire Ball rides will be shut down until further re-inspection.

Inconsistent Standards May be to Blame

Several accidents in amusement park rides have occurred in the US in the past claiming lives and leaving both injuries and emotional trauma to tourists. While the park management insists on having done thorough safety checks, the accident reflects the failure in amusement park regulations within the states. States and local government are responsible for overseeing the inspection and safety checks of all amusement park rides. However, the fact that these regulations are voluntary and vary from one state to another makes it hard to establish standard measures to minimize fatalities. Some states such as Mississippi, Utah, Alabama, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Nevada lack any means of assessing amusement park rides safety.

Human Error Often To Blame

According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, these accidents are commonly caused by human error and negligence especially when setting up the equipment and inspecting the same for any mechanical faults, and raises concerns on how true the claims there are thorough inspection and safety assurance in the amusement parks. The visitors to these areas are also to some extent careless about their conduct in the parks sometimes violating the rules and policies of the parks. Ensuring safety in amusement park rides is the responsibility of the government, the parks management as well as the park visitors. By introducing standard regulations applicable to all states and amusement parks, it becomes easier for local governments to oversee and follow up on the adherence to these regulations.

What Should Be Done to Prevent Fair Ride Accidents?

The management of amusement parks should carry out regular and thorough checks on their equipment to ensure that they are in good order before allowing visitors to ride. They should also introduce policies and guidelines for visitors about their expected conduct and safety precautions to take when they are within the park. Lastly, visitors attending fairs, carnivores, and other amusement activities should adhere to safety regulations. In the case of pre-existing medical conditions such as high blood pressure, the visitor should inform the management.

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