Lake Kaindy - Unique Places In Kazakhstan

Created by an earthquake a century ago, Kaindy and its 'Sunken Forest' are not far from the city of Almaty.

The Sunken Forest

Lake Kaindy is a 1,300 foot-long lake in Kazakhstan, and its depth is nearly 98 feet. It is located 2,000 meters above sea level, and 129 kilometers east and southeast of the Almaty city in Kazakhstan. The lake is known for its beauty and its submerged forest, which is filled with sunken trees. The meaning of Lake Kaindy is “lot of birches”, and it also has a large birch grove located nearby. It is found near the village of Saty in the Kungey Alatau Mountains, which is a range located in Northern Tien Shan in the Asian country of Kazakhstan. The Sunken Forest has many sunken trees, which are visible to its crystal clear water and even the tourists can see the inner depths of the Lake water.

History and Formation

This unique place in Kazakhstan was created by the huge limestone landslide, which occurred in the year 1911 and was the result of a 7.7-magnitude Kebin earthquake. It blocked the gorge and was filled by the mountain river water. There were many coniferous forests found here, which got flooded by the water and with this, the place came to be known as The Sunken Forest. The formation of the lake has many scenic views leading to the Saty Gorge, Chilik Valley, and the Kaindy Gorge. One can even see the dried trunks of the Picea Schrenkiana trees, which can be found above the sea level, and it is also a popular tourist destination. The cold water preserves the tree trunks in a perfect manner, which is overgrown with the algae and various other water plants, as the temperature does not get higher than 6 degrees Celsius even in the summer season.

Significance to Tourism

The lake is a favorite tourist attraction in the fall of autumn as one can see the blue waters and the snowy rocky mountains which surround it. It is a natural landmark of Kazakhstan as it creates a fairy-tale like scenic view. Tourists can see the lush green forests and alpine mountains. Moreover, in this season, the trees change their colors, which look attractive and beautiful. The lake is also famous for Ice Diving and Trout Fishing in the winter season when the whole Lake Kaindy freezes. Another characteristic feature which lures the tourists to this place is the bluish-green colored water as it has vast limestone deposits. One can also do hunting, fishing, diving and horse riding in the area near Lake Kaindy.

Habitat and Biodiversity

The area also has a rich habitat as it is a great place for the divers who can dive into the deep-blue waters and swim alongside the submerged trees. The animals which are found in the area include such birds as pheasants, geese, quails, coots, ducks, and partridges. The other species of animals found here include Siberian Roes, Deer, Siberian Mountain Goats (ibexes), Wild Boars, Foxes, Rabbits, and many other rare species of the birds.

Environmental Threats

Lake Kaindy faces an unusual threat, as it is made up of limestone deposits and the preservation of trees becomes impossible due to the presence of algae. In fact, these conditions threaten to destroy the sunken forest forever.

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