How To Keep An Organized Workspace

By Loraine Balita-Centeno on April 28 2020 in How to

Keep a trash can close by and clean out your desk to decrease clutter. Photo by Windows on Unsplash
Keep a trash can close by and clean out your desk to decrease clutter. Photo by Windows on Unsplash
  • Psychologists recognize that clutter, whether at home, in theworkplace, or even mental, can impact an individual’s ability to process information efficiently and think clearly
  • According to a survery by NAPO, 55% of respondents who were organized and productive said they felt more calm/relaxed.
  • According to respondents to a NAPO survey they find it hard to concentrate when they feel disorganized.

While there are others who thrive in a cluttered workspace, claiming it allows them to be more creative, there are still many who prefer to keep their workspaces organized. Moving around things on your workspace, trying to find items when you need them, and scouring through mountains of clutter use up time you could have instead allocated to get things done for work.

According to research by the National Association of Productivity & Organization Professionals (NAPO), an organized environment makes people feel calm, in control, fulfilled, and powerful. This is especially important when it comes to people’s workplaces since they need this space to keep them productive. If you are one of those who have been wanting to organize their workspace here are a few tips to help you do that.


Get rid of anything on your desk that you don't use. Photo by Georgie Cobbs on Unsplash

One of the key things to help you organize your workspace is to make more space. And to do that you need to get rid of things you don’t use. Allocate an afternoon to sorting through your things—documents, items in your drawers, boxes under your work table. You may have been keeping things in there you don’t use anymore or don’t use often.  Use a shredder to protect the information you don’t want to be leaked and let go of documents you don’t need anymore. Go through your drawers and find items you shoved in there and can now be considered trash.

Invest in More Cabinets and Storage Boxes

To keep things out of sight so it won’t distract you while you’re working, you need to put them inside boxes and cabinets with lots of storage. Invest in those with dividers and drawers that will keep things segregated. This way they will be easy to find when you need them. Folders and envelopes work wonders when organizing documents. You could also put small boxes inside drawers or get those cardboard dividers designed specifically to organize drawers.

Label Boxes snd Containers

Labels are a great way to keep your cabinet organized. Photo by ERIC ZHU on Unsplash

Label all your boxes, cabinets, containers, and even folders so you won’t have a hard time finding items when you need them. This way you don’t have to open all boxes and waste time going through containers when you are trying to find something. You can color-code your labels and assign a color per item to make it easy to remember. In case you won’t be in your office and someone needs to retrieve a document or an item it will be easy to give directions, and they can find whatever they need by just reading the labels in your cabinets.

Place a Trash Can Near Your Desk

There are times when people need to throw trash but are too busy to get up and walk to the trashbin so they leave the trash on their work tables instead, thinking they can just throw it at the end of the day. But after work, they forget to get rid of the trash and eventually these accumulate making their workspace look like a garbage dump. To solve this, position a trash bin near or under the desk so you can easily discard items you need to dispose of.

Schedule a Regular Purge or Cleaning

This is important to make sure you keep your workspace organized longer. Determine the best time to purge and declutter. Say once every month to purge and get rid of documents you don’t need then every Monday morning to disinfect and organize your table or cabinets. You should also make sure to clear your table by the end of the day so clutter doesn’t accumulate.

You’ll be surprised by how much more productive and relaxed you can be once you organize your workspace. It could even reduce your stress levels, save you time and energy, and improve your focus or performance.

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