Countries Where Newborn Girls Are Most Likely To Reach Age 65

The sight of elderly women in Hong Kong will likely become increasingly frequent in years to come.

Life expectancy is the standard figure of years’ people born in a country expected to live if mortality rate were to be steady in the future. Life expectancy rates have changed dramatically in the last few decades around the world. Up to 19th century, it was indicated that male survival rate was much higher that the females. But the pattern has changed over the past few years. Expectation of life has improved remarkably with improved vaccinations against small pox, advances in medicine, control of contagious and infectious diseases. In advanced countries such as Japan, the United States of America, and parts of Europe, life expectancies of females have considerably increased, even when compared to males in the same countries.

Countries with High Survival Rates of Girls

According to the data supplied by the United Nations World Population Prospects 2015, countries that top the list with high life expectancy at birth are Hong Kong, Japan and Italy. People here enjoy life expectancy of 85.9 for females and 80 for men. It is expected that the proportion of population over 65 years is expected to increase from 14% in 2013 to 18% in 2018.

The Role of Quality Health Care Systems

Hong Kong is supposed to be one of the healthiest places to live in the world with 95% of women with life span of 65 years and 81.24% of men with 65 years or more. Its world-class health facilities, early medical education, well accessed medical system contribute to this life style here. One must not forget to mention the healthy lifestyles they lead, often complete with a healthy diet and Tai Chi as well integrated parts of their daily routines.

In Japan, care and caution is taken for mother and child from its birth, which helps in building a healthy life ahead. Here, 94% of women have an average lifespan of 65 years. Economic growth is the reason behind better health facilities in this country. Screening examinations, parental care and disease control is given utmost importance and all residents of Japan must have health insurance coverage. The government to make them accessible to all residents also regulates medical fees.

Italy’s health care is considered one of the best according to WHO’s list. Health care is considered as a right in Italy and medical benefits are provided to all citizens. 94% of Italian women have an average life span of 65 years, which is nearly equal to that of Japan.

Other Reasons for High Survival Rates

Survival rate at birth has risen rapidly in the last century in these countries due to many factors. Infant mortality has come down with disease control vaccinations, better education, and advancement in medical field. Changes in environmental conditions and life styles has abetted the increase in survival rates among girls. Health care systems in these developed countries have improved technically and have become more accessible to the people at all levels thereby increasing the life expectancy rate. Moreover, victories against child killing diseases, such as measles and other parasitic diseases, contributed largely for this increase in survival rates. With the changes in the medical field and facilities available, and proper basic education, more children are now surviving their vulnerable early years and reaching adulthood in the healthy way, which is a very good sign for building a healthy nation.

Countries Where Newborn Girls Are Most Likely To Reach Age 65

RankCountryPredicted Survival to Age 65 Among Newborn Girls
1Hong Kong95%
2South Korea94%

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