Countries Where Disease And Malnutrition Coexist With Poverty

In the Central African Republic, 73% of all deaths in the country are related to communicable disease, malnutrition, prenatal complications, and/or maternal deaths.

Diseases are directly related to the poverty because people do not get enough food or nutrition to fulfill their dietary requirements. These diseases also act as a barrier to the economic development of the country as communicable diseases like AIDS is on the rise in the African nations. As the people do not have an access to sufficient diet or clean water, they are more prone to catching these diseases through weak immunity, malnutrition or its carrying agents. Poverty gives rise to poor health condition during pregnancy that later affects the child development and if the prenatal health is not good then it affects cognitive and physical development of child.

Deaths Linked to Poverty and Varied Diseases in African Countries

There are many reasons for death in the African countries due to lower nutrition and cleanliness levels in the country. The death rate in these countries is higher, which accounts for 73% of total population in the Central African Republic, in Chad 72%, Somalia 69%, Niger 68% and many more countries stand in this top 10 list.

Central African Republic

The Central African Republic is leading the chart especially because of the communicable diseases that are widespread in this country as most of the deaths are reported due to malaria. In the year 2011, some 212,000 people got treatments who were suffering from malaria. As there is a wide shortage of medical facilities in this country, so patients cannot be treated in a nice manner. The cleanliness conditions are a far reality and more than half of the population of the country is poor. The causes of death due to AIDS were 18%, number of infant deaths reported were 14,000 in 2012, malnutrition caused 5% of deaths, lower birth weight caused 3% deaths, and maternal conditions 2.28%.


The health conditions in Chad are also not good as according to the estimation, less than 3 physicians, 2 midwives and 15 nurses are reported to exist per 100,000 people in the country. The death toll in the country due to HIV/AIDS was reported to be 18,000 deaths in the year 2003. The life expectancy reported to be around 47.18 years, and due to malnutrition 4% deaths were reported and maternal conditions resulted in 3.68% deaths.


The mortality rates reported in Somalia is one of the highest as the rate is 137 deaths per 1,000 live births and leading causes are measles, diarrhea, and neonatal disorders. Moreover, the lack of access to nutritious diet, clean water, and poor health care also contributes to maternal mortality rate that is 3.10%. The death rate due to HIV/AIDS is 1.93% and Malaria 2.29%.

Steps Taken by Governments to Improve Health Conditions

The government of the top countries in African sub-continent should come together to curb the epidemics, which have spread in these countries. AIDS can be cured by producing the life-saving medicine rather than importing them. Improvement in national health can be done by introducing new technologies and contribution of income in this sector. The research centers are giving training to the doctors and healthcare specialists to treat the widespread diseases.

Countries Where Disease And Malnutrition Coexist With Poverty

RankCountryCause of death by communicable/maternal/prenatal/nutrition conditions (% of total)
1Central African Republic73
3Somalia 69
5Democratic Republic of Congo67
8Sierra Leone66

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