Best Rated Universities In Japan

Times Higher Education ranked the University of Tokyo as Japan's leading university in 2015-2016.


Times Higher Education ranked the University of Tokyo as Japan’s leading university in 2015-2016. Japan has more than 780 universities and many colleges, including a number of specialized colleges. The country’s universities are particularly renowned in the fields of medicine, sciences, technology, and research.

5. Osaka University -

Osaka University lies in Osaka, Japan, and it is the country’s sixth oldest university. The school has three main campuses namely Minoh, Suita, and Toyonaka spread out in Osaka City. The University was established in 1931 with the integration of College of Science and the Osaka Prefectural Medical College. The University is home to 7,856 postgraduate students and 15,937 undergraduates. The school offers quality education in medicine, sciences, law, and technology disciplines. Notable alumni include the economists Heizo Takenaka and Michio Morishima.

4. Tokyo Institute of Technology -

The Tokyo Institute of Technology is centered in Tokyo, Japan. The institution also has satellite campuses spread out across Ōokayma, Tamachi, and Suzukakedai. In the year 2015-2016, the school admitted 4,734 students for undergraduate programs and 1,464 postgraduates. The institution started operations in 1881 as the Tokyo Vocational School. The school’s programs include foreign languages, engineering, computer, science, technology, and arts. Notable alumni include Naoto Kan, who was Japan’s Prime Minister between 2010 and 2011, and the architect Hiroshi Takahashi.

3. Tohoku University -

Tohoku University lies in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture in the Tohoku Region of Japan. The school opened its doors in 1907 as Japan’s third Imperial University. It was established as Japan was embracing modernization. 10,000 students are enrolled in the school's 16 graduate schools while nearly 8,000 students are enrolled in the three graduate schools. The institution has five primary campuses located in Sendai City, and programs revolve around agriculture, science, engineering, and medicine disciplines. Notable alumni include the writers Ben Goto and Lu Xun.

2. Kyoto University -

Kyoto University was ranked second by Times Higher Education among the country's universities, and it is the second oldest university in Japan. Kyoto University came into being in 1897 as the Kyoto Imperial University in Honshu Island. Initially, the university offered programs in engineering, science, medicine, law, and letters and it has since expanded to include agriculture, economics, humanities, archaeology, education, classical studies, and environmental studies. The main campuses of the university are Yoshida, Katsura, and Uji. The school lies in the historical city of Kyoto, which boasts numerous ancient temples and the iconic Kyoto Imperial Palace. The university’s current enrollment is approximately 22,700 students. The institution has produced several Nobel Laureates, including the likes of Susumu Tonegawa and Hideki Yukawa.

1. University of Tokyo -

The University of Tokyo, a research university, is centered in the Bunkyō Ward of Tokyo. The university came into being in 1877 after the Meiji government integrated the Tokyo Medical School and Kaisei School. The University’s programs focused on Chinese Classics, law, western medicine, and science. Over time, the University merged with other various schools and expanded the number of disciplines taught to include agriculture, engineering, astronomy, physics, arts, education, and economics. The university is divided into three primary campuses, namely including the Hongo, Kashiwa, and Komaba campuses, with other facilities spread out across the country. The University is often ranked as the best in all of Asia, and its enrollment is estimated at 30,000 students. The school has produced several of Japan’s Prime Ministers, including Kiichi Miyazawa who served from 1991 to 1993, and Takeo Fukuda, who was in office from 1976 to 1978.


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