Best Access To High Speed Internet By Country

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High speed Internet opens up new realms in business, education, and society that were never before imaginable.

The Internet plays a critical role in the modern world today. With an increasingly tech savvy generation, the world has seemingly become a much smaller global village. Research has been made simpler by the online information accessible to all. YouTube and online radio and TV stations have redefined entertainment in the world today. Education and healthcare have also been improved through internet connections. Social connections and online businesses have been made possible by the high speed internet. Broadband internet access or high speed internet access provides a considerably higher bit-rate, faster and more reliable internet. High internet speed is important because of the faster loading of pages, uninterrupted streaming, multiple internet users can be supported and there is no buffering while watching or listening to music. High speed internet efficiently supports video conferencing without losing connectivity. Countries with fixed broadband subscriptions have enjoyed these benefits of high speed internet. Some of the countries with the most far-reaching high speed internet access are listed below.


Bermuda’s economy depends on the information, communication, and technology sector to a significant extent. Without proper technological support the international businesses in Bermuda are likely to fail while access to information will cease. Bermuda has four fiber optic cable systems undersea that provide bandwidth and provide adequate security to the data. Bermuda has two cell phone service providers, namely CellOne and Digicel, which provide both domestic and international business network services. Several operators in Bermuda offer internet and data services including TBI, Link Bermuda and Logic communication. According to 2015 World Bank report on telecommunication, 53.06 in 100 people are subscribed to fix broadband internet. Several households and businesses have access to high speed internet throughout Bermuda improving their efficiency and reliability.


The Monaco municipality has one of the highest internet connection rates in the world. The Internet can be accessed through satellite dialed up and fixed or wired broadband subscriptions. In Monaco 46.8 in 100 people are subscribed to fixed broadband high speed internet. Residential market and business offices is the most subscriber to the fixed broadband internet. Information communication and technology continues to play a critical role in the development of Monaco’s economy. More schools, hospital and business premises are being connected to the high speed internet. Technology start-ups and innovation centers in Monaco are some of the areas where high speed internet is accessible. Access to high speed internet is cheaper for those who have fixed broadband subscriptions compared to those on dialed up system.


Gibraltar has a broad range of telecom services, including mobile line and fixed line services, internet services, radio and television broadcasting, and satellite control services. Internet connections and services have improved businesses in Gibraltar, especially gaming and online transactions. There are several internet service providers in the country including Gibnet Limited, GNC Network, Gibfiber Speed Limited, and shine mobile. The broadband industry has significantly changed since the arrival of fiber optic cables in Gibraltar. With the use of this fiber optic cable systems more people are subscribing to fixed broadband with the number currently at 44.3 in 100 people.

Role of High Speed Internet in Highly Interconnected Global Economies

Fiber optic cable plays a critical role in the improvement of broadband subscriptions in most countries. Fixed broadband subscriptions ensure access to high-speed internet at a cheaper rate. More businesses are now opening up to international networking and market. Other countries with high rates of broadband Internet subscriptions include Switzerland, where the figured stands at 42.5 per one hundred people, followed by Liechtenstein (42.0), Denmark (41.3), the Netherlands (40.8), the Cayman Islands (39.6), and Norway (38.8).

Best Access To High Speed Internet By Country

RankCountryFixed Broadband Subscriptions Per 100 People
9Cayman Islands39.6

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