5 Outrageous Things to Do in Dubai

Skydiving is one of the most adventurous things to do in the city.

Dubai is an outstanding city characterized with thriving metropolis situated in the middle of the desert. The city has established itself as a top tourist destination in the world due to its variety of natural and human-made attractions. From skyscrapers, souks, parks, hotels, malls, zoos, to fountains, Dubai has a lot to offer to residents and tourists alike.

5. Hot Air Balloon in the Desert

A Hot Air Balloon ride offers spectacular views of the Dubai Desert, and it is rated as one of the most adventurous things to undertake in the city. The Balloon Adventures Dubai is the most sought after company in this field. A balloon ride gives visitors breathtaking views including those of the Hajar Mountains and emerald green oases as well as wildlife such as camels, gazelles, and the Arabian Oryx. The Hot Air Balloon ride is supplemented by other offers such as a gourmet breakfast and a trip made to the renowned Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. Sunrise and sunset are especially scenic when viewed in the balloons.

4. At the Top, Burj Khalifa

At the height of 2,717 feet, the Burj Khalifa stands as one of the most impressive towers built by man. Since its completion in 2010, the skyscraper is among the city’s most notable landmarks. At the Top, Burj Khalifa facilitates visits to the observation decks in the 148th and 124th floors. The glass panels enable visitors to take in the landscape of the city and even capture pictures. It is advisable to book a visit to the decks in advance online to avoid waiting in long queues.

3. Wadi Wadi Water Park

The Wild Wadi Water Park is another of the city’s top destinations. It is located adjacent to the Burj Al Arab in the Jumeirah region. The park offers visitors a variety of 30 rides, including some of the largest in the Middle East. The trips feature state of the art technology which allows riders to do extreme activities such as surfing. The park also has a 59 feet waterfall which goes off after every 10 minutes. It is ideal for the whole family, and it also has restaurants and shops.

2. Ski Dubai Indoor Snow Park

Ski Dubai made history in 2005 as the first indoor resort in the Middle East region. It features 242,188 square feet of ski space located in the Mall of the Emirates. Tourists flock to the resort to glide and snowboard through fresh snow throughout the year. The resort also features a world-class chairlift which allows visitors to have a view of the whole landscape. The park has five runs to choose from which differ in difficulty, gradient, and height. Several penguins are also housed in the resort. Themed restaurants, placed strategically in the park, are popular with tourists.

1. Skydive Dubai

The city is home to the Skydive Dubai Company which offers skydiving services to clients. The jump, made from a plane at an altitude of about 13,123 feet is both exhilarating and scary. The instructor releases the parachute after about a minute of free fall, and the descent involves scenic views of the Palm Jumeirah and sand dunes. The company has created two landing zones in the desert.


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