10 YouTube Channels To Subscribe To If You Love Wildlife

By Nathaniel Whelan on May 31 2020 in Entertainment

Photo by Gwen Weustink on Unsplash
Photo by Gwen Weustink on Unsplash
  • Allan Dixon is an avid photographer who is known for his extraordinary selfies with kangaroos, monkeys, quokkas, and much more.
  • Veterans for Wildlife combats illegal wildlife crime and provides veterans an opportunity to continue making a positive impact.
  • Wildlife Protection Solutions is a non-profit organization interested in using technology for the benefit of endangered species and ecosystems.

The closest city-dwellers can get to seeing a jaguar is when a sports car zips by in a gas-guzzling frenzy. The truth is most people who love wildlife will never get a real chance to experience it. Fortunately, there are plenty of YouTube channels dedicated to showing viewers the amazing animals and ecosystems that make up our beautiful planet. Whether it is to see exotic creatures, to seek adventure, or to fuel an interest in wildlife conservation, the following ten channels have a little something for all types of wildlife enthusiasts.

10. Brave Wilderness

Coyote Peterson is a proponent of exploring the natural world. Image credit: YouTube

Outdoorsman Coyote Peterson has been uploading wildlife videos to YouTube since 2014. Each episode is educational and provides viewers an up-close look at animals like bears, crocodiles, sharks, and even insects. Living up to the name of his channel, Peterson’s encounters with these creepy-crawlies tend to be dangerous as he voluntarily gets bitten and stung just to see what will happen. He is also a proponent of exploring the natural world without a map and seeing where the adventure takes you.  

9. Daxon

Allan Daxon is a travel enthusiast who loves wildlife. Image credit: YouTube

Known as the new Dr. Doolittle, Allan Dixon is a travel enthusiast. He journeys across the globe and makes friends not with fellow travelers, but with the native animals. An avid photographer, he is most known for his extraordinary selfies with kangaroos, monkeys, the cartoonish quokkas, and much more. These fun photos have earned him a large following on social media. Daxon is not some cheap gimmick though; he preaches kindness to animals and frequently collaborates with conservation groups around the world. His videos are entertaining and educational.

8. Rob the Ranger

Rob the Ranger documents the everyday lives of African animals. Image credit: YouTube

Active since 2008, Rob the Ranger runs his very own safari which he uses to document the everyday lives of African animals. He prides himself on showing unscripted interactions and sightings. On his channel, you will see raw footage of cute babies, mating rituals, and attacking predators. Some animals to look out for are lions, leopards, cheetahs, zebras, elephants, and giraffes. Rob the Ranger uploads on average three videos a week, so there is a lot to discover.

7. Robert E Fuller

Robert E Fuller films the everyday lives of animals to use as inspiration for paintings. Image credit: www.robertefuller.com

Robert E. Fuller is a British wildlife artist from Thixendale, North Yorkshire. Using hidden cameras, he films the everyday lives of animals in order to study their behavior and movement. This he uses as inspiration for his paintings and sculptures. Some of his subjects include badgers, weasels, and colorful kestrels. His channel largely features the recorded footage and behind-the-scenes videos. Fuller’s artwork is available online for purchase and can also be printed on pillows, coasters, and mugs.  

6. Travel For Wildlife

Photographer Hal Brindley and zoologist Cristina Garcia are a husband and wife team who travel the world in search of great destinations for wildlife watching. Since 2012, they have been posting educational videos to their channel for wannabe adventurers. Their content primarily features tips on where and how to witness the world’s most amazing animals. Their ultimate mission, however, is to promote responsible wildlife tourism and how to sustainably connect with nature.

5. Veterans For Wildlife

Veterans for Wildlife combats illegal wildlife crime. Image credit: linkedin

Veterans for Wildlife is an international charity established in 2016 as a means of combating illegal wildlife crime, such as rhino and elephant poaching. It is designed to empower veterans who are transitioning back into civilian life by providing them an opportunity to continue making a positive impact. Their videos demonstrate how they are contributing to the development of wildlife crime prevention, but do not miss the blooper reel.  

4. The Wild Report

Ben Zino showcases wildlife in Texas and other parts of the US. Image credit: Twitter

Leave the African safari behind and discover the amazing creatures living just outside your front door. Host Ben Zino shows viewers what unexpected animals might be living just a short walk from your house, including giant garden spiders, the marbled salamander, and the rare speckled racer snake. Based primarily throughout the United States, Zino has visited Texas, Yellowstone, and dozens of other places to examine the local wildlife; however, he has also uploaded videos related to his experience volunteering at a research station in Costa Rica.

3. Wildlife Aid

Wildlife Aid rescues animals around the world. Image credit: Twitter

The Wildlife Aid Foundation is an organization dedicated to the rehabilitation of wild animals with the intent of returning them back to their natural habitats. While they are based in Surrey, they treat all sorts of British wildlife. They have been active for nearly forty years. In 1996, they were the subject of the TV show Wildlife SOS on Animal Planet, but in 2013, they made the switch to YouTube. In their weekly videos, they show how they tend to the animals, from repairing broken beaks to rescuing foxes from Heathrow airport. Today, they are one of the largest wildlife rescue shelters in the United Kingdom.

2. Wildlife Protection Solutions

Established in 2012, Wildlife Protection Solutions is a non-profit organization interested in using technology for the benefit of endangered species and ecosystems. Their team consists of tech experts who have developed monitoring equipment to help detect illegal activity in real-time. They have already had tremendous success in saving endangered rhinos in South Africa. Their videos are informative and demonstrate the need for this sort of anti-poaching technology.  

1. Woodlands Wildlife Sanctuary

Woodlands Wildlife Sanctuary rehabilitates sick and injured animals. www.biddingowl.com

Located in Ontario, Canada, Woodlands Wildlife Sanctuary is a wildlife rehabilitation center run by Monika Melichar. It is operated by a team of volunteers who believe animals deserve a second chance at life. They provide sick and injured wild critters the care they need to survive. Since 2014, Melichar has been recording these remarkable rehabilitation stories and documenting the efforts of her team, and posting them to the Woodlands Wildlife Sanctuary YouTube channel.   

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