10 Spots In California To Get The Perfect Instagram Shot

By Danielle Reed on February 17 2020 in Travel

Nature Landscape of Yosemite National Park, California, USA.
Nature Landscape of Yosemite National Park, California, USA.
  • Instagram is the sixth most used social media platform worldwide.
  • Sixty percent of Instagram users log in daily.
  • The largest tree in the world is found in California.

You want to transform your Instagram account into a perfect page and get all the likes? No matter how good your camera is, it’s pointless if the location does not match it. Millions of people use Instagram daily because it is one of the best perfect platforms to share personal experiences.

89% of Instagram users are from outside the U.S and may never get the chance to visit it. Choosing the ideal spot for your shoot is critical when you want to share the best images with the world. Here are some of the most photographed places in California.

10. Balboa Park


The park is the place to visit if you are looking for diverse pictures. Take some photos at any of the sixteen museums and let the world experience your love for science or history. You could choose a lovely garden and appreciate nature with the beautiful lawns and fences behind you. Do not miss your chance to take spectacular photos at the San Diego zoo if you are an animal enthusiast. There are majestic sights at Balboa park to get your Instagram blooming with likes and followers.

9. Salvation Mountain


Salvation Mountain is the perfect place for lovers of art. You want to show the world the climax of creativity and, there is no better spot than this human-made mountain. Yes, it contains several Christian messages. Even non-Christians appreciate its beauty! Get your camera busy as you climb up and inside the labor of love. Salvation mountain is a Christians spot that will get you all the likes.

8. California Beaches


There are several iconic beaches in California offering countless activities for you to try out. You can do surfing, swimming, snorkeling, or a kayaking shoot. Take the shot a notch higher and show off your scuba diving skills! With the sunset cliffs at Point Loma, you do not want to miss your chance to capture the incredible view of the sunset from the cliffs. The beautiful coastal lines could be your highway to an overwhelming Instagram traffic.

7. Golden Gate Bridge


With Golden Gate Bridge as one of the most famous points to visit in California, you definitely should consider having an Instagram shot on it. Your followers from various parts of the world deserve a chance to view the enormous 746-foot tall towers. You could capture the beautiful bay behind you and let the world see it. From the beach, you will capture an image of the whole bridge with the ocean waters widely spread. Post the rusty red landmark on your Instagram account because nothing shouts ‘California’ as loud as the Golden gate bridge.

6. Potato Chip Rock


Here is the perfect spot for hiking. There is so much to see along the 7.6-mile trail to the potato chip rock. A photo of you perched on the chip rock will get your followers going crazy on Instagram since it makes you an incredible lover of heights. You could hang off the rock if you love risky poses and if you are not afraid to fall 40 feet down.

5. Disney Land

@zoelaz Instagram

How on earth do you visit the world's happiest place and fail to share your experiences with the world? Visiting Disney land never gets old, and photos at the splash mountain, or the Peter Pans flight are worth a post on anyone’s Instagram. Meeting your favorite Disney characters in person and getting photos will also set your Instagram on fire.

4. Burney Falls

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Multiple falls cascade down approximately 129 feet, forming a crystal-clear reservoir. The site is unbelievably attractive! The amazing thing about this spot is that water comes from underground springs. A photo from this site will get you a lot of Instagram love since no one ever imagines such natural beauty.

3. The Cypress Tree Tunnel


It is hard to believe that trees can form a tunnel. How old do they have to be to look this attractive? Not many people would think that such a place exists, but maybe seeing it on Instagram photos could be enough evidence. This tunnel is an incredible Instagramable spot.

2. Mount Shanta

Mount Shasta consists of countless breath-taking places. It is an ideal shooting location for anyone who loves an amusing Instagram account. Mount Shasta has countless unexplored shoot ideas. Heart Lake is the center of all the beauty.  

1. Yosemite National Park


Talk of overwhelming natural beauty with too much detail captured in one picture? Yosemite is the place you need for your Instagram shot. It is surrounded by domes and granite cliffs that have been there for ages. One or two photos along the majestic Tuolumne river will get you the likes you crave. The streams are unbelievably clear below the free-falling waterfalls. There is no better place for a nature photo shoot than this. The serene beauty deserves all the show-off they can get.

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