10 Reasons First Class Is A Waste Of Your Money

By Bruce Makki on March 3 2020 in Travel

Flying first class is a ritzy affair, but sometimes it is a total waste of money. Image credit: wikimedia.org
Flying first class is a ritzy affair, but sometimes it is a total waste of money. Image credit: wikimedia.org
  • First-class tickets cost almost double the amount of business-class tickets.
  • Unlimited alcohol can be found in both first class and business class.
  • Airlines are shrinking the first-class area for more business-class seats.
  • Service is as amazing in first class as in business class.
  • The same in-flight entertainment is shared by both business class and first class.

Travelling can be a tricky endeavor for amateur voyagers. Picking an airline that offers the best bang for your buck can be challenging. Every travel flight company is bringing something new to the table, ranging anywhere from quality food, exceptional hospitality, free libations, innovative in-flight entertainment, and adept pilots. These first-rate amenities are tailored specifically to dazzle clients and get an edge on the competition. Flying in first-class does have its advantages. Being treated like royalty, even for a limited time, not only makes the flight more enjoyable but also creates the illusion of a faster trip. Another travel class that purveys comfort, accessibility, and entertainment is business class. Low on the list is the bog-standard coach class. Coach class doesn't break the bank, but it does break the back. How does someone get the most out of their hard-earned cash when flying? Here are ten reasons why first-class tickets are a complete waste of money.

10. Domestic Flights Are Too Short

Domestic flights are too short to justify flying first class. Image credit: wikimedia.org

When it comes to traveling by plane, a myriad of factors come into play. The first variable anyone should take into consideration is the length of the trip. The focus of this article will be international flights because if it is a domestic or red-eye flight then the best course of action would be to pick the cheapest alternative. Business class is often deemed the perfect fit if the client doesn't mind being sandwiched between two strangers with mediocre service and a pay-per-order menu.

9. The Only Major Difference Is Privacy

First-class ticket holders enjoy greater privacy. Image credit: wikimedia.org

In recent years, the divide between business and first-class tickets has been more pronounced on most airlines. First-class ticket holders still get extra privileges, with privacy being the most sought after. A private cabin, furnished with full beds and snug chairs, is not a bad way to take a trip. Evading the gnawing discomfort of coach, passengers can opt for business-class tier tickets that offer excellent accommodations. The demand for business-class tickets has been on the rise, which has forced airlines to revamp their business-class quarters.

8. Employees Are More Likely to Expense Business-Class Tickets

Going on a business trip as an employee is always a hassle. Photo by Basil Samuel Lade on Unsplash

Going on a business trip as an employee is always a hassle. Being on time for an important meeting in another time zone is crucial, but getting there relaxed and focused is the key to success. It is safe to assume that coach is out of the question in this situation, and first-class would not exactly go under the umbrella of "necessity." In that case, business class would fit the bill for an accommodating trip.

7. Open Bar

Alcohol served in first class is sometimes not much better than what is served in business class. Photo by David Tran on Unsplash

Alcohol on airlines is nothing to write home about. While the selection might be a bit more refined in first class, passengers can still enjoy the same exquisite taste of alcohol in business class.

6. Impeccable Service

The service offered by flight attendants is similar in first class and business class. Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

A flight attendant's care can go a long way to enhance a traveler's trip. Efficacious assistance and complimentary service are prerequisites on an aerial journey, especially one that can majorly impact the welfare of its passengers. One would unequivocally prefer business class for the extra legroom, reclining flat-beds, and the premium service it offers (the same service available in first class) as opposed to the insipid and limiting coach service.

5. Comfortably Tucked-in

Some people fly first class simply because it is a status symbol. Photo by Jerry Zhang on Unsplash

The idea of first class is exactly that; "the idea" of traveling in first class. When compared to business class, fine-tuning is the biggest game-changer. The comfort is beyond exceptional on both sides as some airlines use the same seats. For example, the sheets and seating are evenly unvarying. So the main difference in comfort is the posh cabin and silk pajamas that come with first-class seating.

4. First-Class Tickets Can Cost as Much as a Year's Salary

First-class tickets can cost $15,000 or more. Image credit: wikimedia.org

Talking numbers is scary. A first-class flight out of US soil is estimated to be between $10,000 and $15,000. That's over 25% of the average yearly income of a middle-aged American. Then there are premium first-class tickets like the ones offered by Emirates. For some reason, regular first class is not premium enough. Emirates offers a "luxury three-room apartment in the sky" that comes with its very own butler at a "reasonable" price of $32,000, which is 50% of an average American's yearly income. Steering away from such fantastical fiscal ventures, business class tickets vary anywhere from $5,000 to $9,000 for international flights. Considering the huge difference in pricing, business class wins this argument.

3. Minimal Mileage Bonus

The milage bonuses offered when flying first class do not justify the high price. Photo by Víctor Ramírez on Unsplash

When it comes to mileage bonuses, first class might be a better choice if the bonus hits the 200% mark. Instead, it is 150%, which is only 25% more than business class and 50% more than coach. Spending 100% extra on a plane ticket that gives only a 25% bonus to mileage seems like an exercise in prodigality. Oh right, the silk pajamas are included so it makes perfect sense.

2. Similar Amenities

Privacy is one of the positives of booking a first-class flight. Photo by Lyu Ranke on Unsplash

Privacy is a key consideration on some flights, be it for business or entertainment purposes. In first class, cabins are demarcated for clients to enjoy their own private space. On the other hand, business-class passengers share the same noise-canceling headphones with their first-class counterparts. Both classes also share the same in-flight entertainment. If high-end headphones and a good movie are not enough to isolate anyone from the rest of the world, not even a private cabin can.

1. First-Class Is Going Extinct

Some airlines convert first-class seats to business suites or business cabins. Photo by Nils Nedel on Unsplash

Airlines make most of their profit from economy and business-class tickets, therefore massive amounts of first-class seats are converted to "business suites" or "business cabins" at a lower price than their competitors. Some airlines like British Airways, Delta, United, and Singapore are completely forgoing first-class seating from most of their planes. The reason for this is simply the fact that a wealthy celebrity or businessman would prefer a shared private jet over a first-class ticket, which does not cost much more than the latter.

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