10 Most Extraordinary Company Offices Around The World

By Loraine Balita-Centeno on March 30 2020 in Society

Headquarters of CodigoDelSur. Image credit: Codigodelsur/Wikimedia.org
Headquarters of CodigoDelSur. Image credit: Codigodelsur/Wikimedia.org
  • Unique and cool offices tend to be more common among tech companies.
  • One of the hallways in Epic in Wisconsin looks like a New York subway.
  • The Spheres, an Amazon workspace in downtown Seattle is also a curated jungle with over 40,000 plants.

There are offices then there are unique offices—workplaces that make you look forward to going back to the grind. Those that have veered so far away from the boring cubicle most of us have associated offices with. Located all over the globe, these will not make you feel bad about staying overtime or being in the office the whole day. Instead, these will make you feel more creative or motivated throughout the day. They feature beautiful aesthetics, creative architectural executions, colorful furniture, or unique features that will inspire employees to think out of the box. Think slides, underground passageways (yes, inside the office), video game rooms, and colorful hammocks.

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