10 Lifehacks To Help Around The House

By Loraine Balita-Centeno on April 11 2020 in How to

Use an ice cube tray to freeze extra sauces to cook with later.
Use an ice cube tray to freeze extra sauces to cook with later.
  • Baking soda can be used to clean silverware.
  • You can use unflavored floss to cut cake without the mess.
  • Vinegar has acetic acid that can cut through grease, molds, and grime.

Lifehacks are nifty and ingenious tips and tricks that can help you save time and energy. They are very easy to do but they can make your life a whole lot easier. They can solve simple and even complex problems at home. From cleaning hacks to storage hacks there are so many you can try and it will only take a few minutes to do. You don’t need special equipment or to get expensive materials for these hacks, most of them use things you already have at home. Here are ten of the most useful ones you can try at home now.

10. Use Empty Containers of Disinfecting Wipes To Store Plastic Bags

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You must have a few of those containers hanging around the house, and you probably have a whole bunch of plastic bags crammed under your sink. Here’s a simple way to hit two birds with one stone. You can roll each plastic bag into a small ball and stuff them one by one inside the empty wipes container. You’ll be amazed by how many bags you can stuff in there and how this simple trick will get you back some useful space. You can finally keep your cabinets clear of those bags and you can recycle your containers.

9. Use An Empty Water Bottle As A Sprinkler

Here’s a good way to recycle and save some money on gardening tools. You can clean a used water bottle poke holes all over its body and using waterproof tape, attach it to the end of a hose. Make sure the tapes are securely wrapped around the house to prevent water from seeping out. Also, make sure that the tape’s wrapped tightly to withstand the water pressure. Secure the bottle in the middle of your vegetable or flower garden and then open your faucet to test it out. You can add more holes if needed or position the bottle where the water can reach all your plants.

8. Use A Hairdryer To Clean Crayon Marks Off Walls

If you are one of those with playful little kids around the house, chances are your walls are filled with their artwork too! Little kids love doodling on walls and cleaning those doodles off has always been a hassle. But did you know that most crayons are made of wax that melts when exposed to heat? Whip out that trusty old hairdryer and use it to apply heat to crayon marks on walls then you can just wipe them out with a clean cloth.

7. Use Nail Polish To Label Your Keys

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If you are like most people who often waste so much time fumbling around by the door outside trying to figure out the right keys from a bunch in a keychain, this one is for you. You can use old nail polish to paint your keys. Assign a different color for each of them to make them easy to remember. Others use nail polish to paint a number or a letter say “F” for the keys of your front door. Although painting the entire thing makes this easier to identify from a whole bunch. This way you won’t waste time trying to look for the right keys each time you need to open a door or a storage box inside the house.

6. Use A Pants Hanger To Keep Your Cookbook In Place

Cooking in the kitchen with a cookbook that won’t stay open is a hassle, you’ll find yourself having to hold the pages open in between mixing or kneading. To solve this get a pants hanger from your closet and hang it on one of those drawers in the kitchen right above your counter and keep the pages open using the clips. This way you’ll have the cookbook within eye level making it easy to read, and the clips can keep the book open on the right page all the time. You can cut, mix, kneed, and check back on the recipe without having to touch the book each time.

5. Freeze Sauce Into Cubes

Got left-over sauce from last night’s dinner? You can freeze your leftover sauces in ice cube trays and stash them in the freezer for future use. You can use this if you have small amounts of leftover sauce you don’t just want to throw away or for big batches, so you won’t have to keep cooking the entire week. The best thing about this though is that you can reheat only what you need. Need a quick snack for one person? Just grab a few sauce cubes and put the rest back in the freezer. You can also use this trick to save curry sauce, olive oil dressing, even cookie dough.

4. Repurpose Bread Clips as Labels for Cords

When you’re done with your bread at home don’t throw out the clips just yet. You can flip them over and use them to label cords in your workspace. Use a sharpie to write labels at the back of the clips and clip them around the cords for computer, charger, printer, or any other wire in the house. This will help organize your space and save you time when you are trying to unplug or plug a gadget or equipment.

3. Make a DIY Ice Pack Using A Sponge

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You can buy new ones or just use an old sponge lying around the house, clean it then put it in a bowl filled with water for a few minutes. Let the sponge soak up as much water as it can hold. Then put the sponge inside a plastic bag with ziplock and pop this in the freezer. The bag will make it mess and drip-free since it will keep the water inside as it melts while you are using it. The sponge can just reabsorb the water and you can put it back inside the freezer so you can freeze and use it again.

2. Use an Old Stocking To Find Small Items

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Now you don’t have to drop down on all fours when you drop small items like a pin, an earring, or a piece of jewelry. Grab an old stocking or any piece of nylon cloth you can find in your closet. Wrap it securely around the nozzle of your vacuum cleaner using a rubber ban. Open the vacuum and run it through the area where the item might have landed. The stocking will act as a filter. The tiny holes will let the vacuum suck in air but the nylon will filter out tiny items so you can find them.

1. Use A Ketchup Bottle For Your Pancake Mix

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When you've used up all the contents of your ketchup bottle you can recycle an old ketchup bottle and use it next time you cook pancakes. Better to use the ones with a wider cap because these are easier to clean. Clean out all the contents, then rinse, drain and dry the empty plastic bottle. Then using a funnel pour your pancake mix into the empty ketchup bottle. You can use this to squeeze out the pancake mix onto the pan, mess-free. You can even use this to make shapes and letters. Form little flower pancakes or a mouse-shaped pancake to make breakfast extra fun.

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