10 Fun Hobbies To Take Up During Self-Isolation

By Victoria Simpson on April 27 2020 in How to

Origami is a relaxing hobby to take up during self-isolation. Image credit: plainmagazine.com
Origami is a relaxing hobby to take up during self-isolation. Image credit: plainmagazine.com
  • A hobby can help you lower your stress level, and engage your mind.
  • You can make soap and bath bombs at home from a kit.
  • Origami is the ancient art of paper folding.

Taking up a new hobby can be a great way to pass the time. New hobbies can help engage your mind and keep you actively interested in day-to-day life as they add excitement and challenge to your routine. They can also add a feeling of accomplishment when you acquire a new skill. 

According to Srini Pillay M.D. writing for Psychology Today, hobbies are good for our mind, body, and spirit. They bring us pleasure, lower our blood pressure, improve depression, and can actually make us more successful. It is a fact that hobbies that involve visual thinking, art, and music were found in one study to improve the professional lives of male scientists. You may not be a male or a scientist, but it cannot hurt to fill your time with something new and fun during self-isolation in the coronavirus pandemic. Here are a few hobbies to choose from, to help you do just that.

10. Ukelele

Ukeleles are fun and easy to learn. Image credit: www.beginnerukuleles.com

A ukelele is smaller than a guitar and easier to order in the mail off Amazon. If you like making music, a ukelele can provide the perfect soundtrack to the pandemic. It will not take up that much space in your home, so it is an easy addition to your life. You can find resources for learning how to play and videos online to help you.

9. A New Language

Learning a new language is easier than ever thanks to apps like Duolingo. Image credit: www.fluentin3months.com

You no longer need a bunch of language books in order to pick up the basics of a new language. Apps like Duolingo can introduce you to beginner-level words and phrases and help you build your knowledge from there. Plan your next trip abroad and learn the language you may need to use in your destination with all this time off.

8. Cooking

Self-isolation can give you the opportunity to learn a new recipe. Image credit: buttercms.com

Needless to say, as most of us are self-isolating and restaurants are shut down for eat-in experiences, you are likely cooking up a bit of a storm already at home. If you like to be extra-busy, now could be the time to take things far beyond ramen noodles and macaroni and cheese. Choose your favorite cuisine and dive into online grocery shopping and instructional videos to set yourself on a culinary journey.

7. Sketching

You can learn how to sketch with online courses like Udemy. Image credit: YouTube

Have you always dreamt of being able to draw the faces of your friends and family? Now could be the time to try. Online course destinations like Udemy have a plethora of instructional resources to choose from. Courses can engage you in beginner activities to build your sketching skills step-by-step.

6. Painting

You can learn how to paint with the help of an online course and instructor. Image credit: freshome.com

Even if you do not have paint in your home, but you do have food coloring and some of these other materials on-hand, you can make your own and you are good to go. Sign up for a course and create away!

5. Gardening

Garden centers may be closed because of the pandemic, but there are alternatives. Image credit: www.postconsumers.com

It may still be early in the year for gardening, but when the tulips and daffodils start to peek their heads above ground it is time to start. If you do not have a garden springing forth from last year and the local gardening center is closed due to the pandemic, this could be a difficult hobby to get off the ground. It could be the perfect year, however, to build planters and set up an amazing vegetable garden from seeds. Click here to learn how to do it. 

4. Youtuber

Now is the perfect time to make your own YouTube channel. Image credit: YouTube

Do you have some entertaining skills to share, but you usually do not have enough time to do so? Now is the time to set up a YouTube channel and become a Youtuber! If you have a phone that can film you or some other access to a camera, you are set. Sure, it can be nice to have great lighting, perfect makeup, and amazing hair for your own show, but these days those are prerequisites for success online. Be engaging, create useful content, and be a consistent presence. The viewers will come.

3. Bird Watching

You can partake in some bird watching from your backyard. Image credit: mnn.com

You cannot go to a popular beach or enjoy a hike at the local state park. You can, however, take a walk around your neighborhood during the pandemic, and take a note of all the birds you pass. Bird watching has taken flight in North America in the past few years. Once you try it, you can see why. It is affordable and relaxing, and it really does put you in touch with nature.

2. Origami

Origami may seem complex, but anybody can master the craft with time and patience. Image credit: www.thesprucecrafts.com

The ancient art of Japanese paper folding may look like a complex art reserved for masters, but it is really a step-by-step process that is easy to do if you follow the right instructions. It is best done with special origami folding paper, but you can do some of the basic designs with regular computer paper as well.

1. Soap Making

If soap is sold out because of panic buying, you can make your own at home. Image credit: www.diynatural.com

You may be needing more of this these days, so why not make your own? You can order the supplies online and make your own beautifully scented soaps. These make wonderful presents to share once we can all see each other again. 

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