10 Documentaries On Netflix That Will Blow Your Mind

By Ivan Pesut on March 22 2020 in Entertainment

Documentaries don't have to be boring. Editorial credit: sitthiphong / Shutterstock.com
Documentaries don't have to be boring. Editorial credit: sitthiphong / Shutterstock.com
  • A good documentary will never bore you or put you to sleep.
  • Each aspect of our lives has a background and it is a task of a documentary to explore it.
  • These ten documentaries are the kind of documentaries you will want to talk about with your friends.

Sometimes, it’s good to step out of the usual movies and TV shows on your watchlist. Whether you are self-isolating and looking to learn something new or you have ran out of shows to watch, these ten documentaries will definitely not bore you to death and may expand your mind on many issues and experiences.  

10. Pandemic

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In case you are not yet sick of everything pandemic related, this docuseries should be on your watch list. Pandemic is a docuseries of six episodes which shows how is the world preparing for the inevitable pandemic by following professionals in medicine, research, and crisis management.  

9. Cheer

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If you think cheerleading is just a fun and popular distraction in sports, think again. The world of competitive cheerleading is complex and fascinating. Cheer is the six-part docuseries that shows us the depths of competitive cheerleading by following the squad of Navarro College (Texas) as they prepare their routine.  

8. Broken

This docuseries starts off with the simple idea – the world is “broken” and it is time to reflect on ways societies have been developing. Each episode takes on a different phenomenon or an industry to expose the backstory of food and products we have been consuming.  

7. The Great Hack

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Do you remember the Cambridge Analytica scandal? The documentary goes into the roots of the problematic political and data consulting scandal in which the use of social networks’ data changed the trajectory of the U.S. modern politics. The scandal cost Facebook a $5 billion fine and a very damaged reputation.  

6. Losers

Editorial credit: topic.com

Through eight episodes, each just thirty minutes long, the series puts focus on the teams and individuals whose sports career did not turn out the right way. Stories range from a runner lost in the desert to the football team saved by a police dog. 

5. Fyre Festival

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Fyre Festival has often been dubbed as one of the biggest marketing disasters in the twenty-first century. The documentary explores how overly ambitious organizers mobilized influencers and celebrities to create a hype for something they eventually could not deliver – an actual luxury festival.   

4. Slow TV: Train Ride Bergen to Oslo

This documentary probably will not blow your mind but it might provide an almost meditative experience. Masterfully filmed, the single-camera shows the view from a train as you travel the route from Bergen to Oslo. You can experience the travel and the magnificent nature of your bed or couch.  

3. Take Your Pills

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How did we come to having to rely on drugs for almost everything we do? Take Your Pills maps the rise of prescription drugs and various other performance-enhancing substances. The documentary puts the focus on the right question – how did people go from using drugs for recreation to using them to boost performance and productivity?  

2. What Happened, Miss Simone?

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Today, Nina Simone is a soul legend with an incredible legacy in music. But the story of her personal life behind the scenes will tie you to your screen. Based on private diaries, unseen interviews and footage, the documentary shows many hardships Nina had to go through.  

1. 13th

Editorial credit: highlander.com

13th is probably one of the best-known Netflix documentaries and for the right reasons. The documentary goes in-depth to explore the history of racial inequality in the U.S. By mapping the complexities of the prison system, the documentary exposes how the social system of the U.S. still supports inequality. Facts and statistics revealed here are truly mind-blowing.

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