10 Crucial Ways To Prepare For A Quarantine

By Victoria Simpson on March 20 2020 in Society

Quarantines are simple by definition but it can be difficult to know when an order might be sprung on you.
Quarantines are simple by definition but it can be difficult to know when an order might be sprung on you.
  • Pets like dogs and cats can contract COVID-19 but they cannot pass it to humans.
  • Experts recommend you have a two-week supply of food on hand in the event of a pandemic.
  • Both state and federal agents have the power to order you into quaramtine.

It is probably something you have never expected to have to do: sequester yourself into a place you call home for weeks on end, without ever going out. In the age of COVID-19, you may have to do this by going into quarantine.

It is a fact that people without symptoms of the virus who have been exposed to others who have fallen sick with the illness will now have to go into quarantine. It can happen under state and federal law: the passengers on recent cruise ships off the coast of California are good examples of such events. 

Quarantines are simple by definition but it can be difficult to know when an order might be sprung on you. Do your household members stay home, or do they still go out and mingle in public often, even if it is in groups of ten people or fewer? 

You can not always control the actions of the people around you. You can, however,  prepare yourself for the possibilities. Here are ten things you may wish to do, in the face of a possible quarantine.

Stock Up With A Two-Week Supply Of Food

You do not have to go out and panic-shop. In fact, please do not. That is not going to help anyone, in the long run. The Department of Homeland Security does recommend, however, that you have two-weeks worth of food in your home, during a pandemic. Since you need this food to last, go for canned goods, dried goods, frozen food, (if you have a big enough freezer), and anything else that is nutritious and has a relatively long shelf-life. 

Get Pet Food

You obviously do not want to forget about caring for Missy and Buster if you need to shut the door and keep it that way. While stocking up on extra food, grab a two-week supply of pet food and other pet essentials like kitty litter, as well. 

According to the Hong Kong government, cats and dogs can contract COVID-19 but they can not transmit it back to humans. So far, the data is telling us that you can not get the coronavirus from your dog. Wash your hands after petting them. 

Stock Up On First Aid Essentials And Personal Hygiene Products

Yes, you may cut yourself while shaving in quarantine. Make sure you have antibiotic ointment, bandaids, gauze, scissors, medical tape and other necessary items in your bathroom or first aid kit on hand. 

You will  also need to stock up on feminine hygiene products if you use them, tooth paste, floss, soaps, razors, wipes, diapers, creams, family planning products, paper towels and medications. 

And do not forget laundry detergent. In fact, this should probably be at the top of this list- can you imagine a two-week supply of old, mouldy socks piling up in the corner? Yum. 

Do Not Forget The Toilet Paper

Yes, you probably have loads of this in the cupboard already. Just in case you do not, remember to stash just one two-week supply in your cart next time you shop, (if you can find any retailers with this much paper still on their shelves). 

Of note: you do not wish to be using paper towels or tissues in place of toilet paper as these products will clog your pipes. 

In a pinch, you can always rinse off in the tub each time, after using the toilet. This is a pain and extra work if you do not need to do it, however. 

Make Sure You Have Enough Entertainment

Many people in a quarantine will binge-watch Netflix and enjoy waking up and going to sleep when it pleases them. Not everyone is a watcher, though. If you are more of a doer, get the craft materials you need in place and the parts you might use to tinker on your latest project in your workshop or garage for two weeks. 

Doing a renovation inside? Grab your extra paint, brushes and turpentine while you can. 

Readers may wish to search for enough titles to have on hand to keep their minds busy. 

Check That You Have Paid Your Bills

You can not go around asking friends and family for cash to make ends meet if you are on lockdown. If you find that you do this sometimes, this is the time to try and stop. You do not want your lights, electricity or heating to out- or, your internet and phone, for that matter- right when you can do the least to actually fix the problem. Get your bills in order. 

Water, Water, Water

You should have enough drinking water on hand to keep you well, if you live in an area where you do not trust the taps. 

Get Eye Drops And Other Essentials

Contact solution, contact lenses, deodorant, and over-the-counter medications: these are all things you may need during a quarantine. The American Red Cross also recommends stocking up on hearing aid batteries, just in case an emergency strikes. You want to be able to hear people on the phone properly and in person, if you wear hearing aids on a regular basis. 

Obtain A Copy of Your Health Records 

The Department of Homeland Security also recommends keeping copies of the health records of all members in your household on file, in the event of an emergency. This, like other tips in this list, is applicable to other emergency situations as well such as surviving after a flood or hurricane. 

Remember Items For The Kids

A quarantine with kids can be hard. Inevitably, they will feel the need to move around, and be busy. If it is in your budget, consider having extra craft materials, games, puzzles and toys on hand that you can pull out one at a time to keep your days interesting while under quarantine. These can also come in handy as a bit of bribery for good behavior, (but of course, you did not read that here).  Desperate times can call for desperate measures. That new video game is not really hurting anyone, is it? 

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