Countries Where Women Outlive Men

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Lifestyle choices can affect life expectancy.

Life expectancy is related to the age according to the statistics until which a person is expected to live. The life expectancy is rapidly increasing in the developed and developing countries alike, and is calculated from the time an individual is born. The factors that affect life expectancy are that the people with short heights are said to live longer as the people who are at a heightened risk of getting cancer. Another factor is that the people who sleep less than six hours or more than 10 hours of sleep are at risk of stroke. Some researchers stated that people who work more and amid social environment live longer. Data comes from weforum. 

Reasons For Larger Gender Life Expectancy Gaps In Certain Countries

According to the reports, women in Russia and Belarus outlive men by more than 11 years. The gender gap noted in Russia is 11.6 years, in Belarus it is 11.5 years, and in Lithuania, it is 11.0 years.


The women in Russia outlive male population because of the predominant factor that most of the men left the country to fight in the battles or some died in battle. However, the low fertility rates have contributed towards the skewed sex ratio. It is seen that younger generation that is alive is of males and the older ones are females. The other causes of death in males are higher consumption of alcohol, ill health, accidents and the increased suicide rates. The incidents of violence noted among the males that have resulted in the higher gap between men and women since women do not participate in hand-to-hand settlement.


The reason for the higher gap in Belarus usually reported during the child’s birth is that the average life expectancy of both the genders will be 70 years as a whole. However, still, women live until the age of 76 years, and men until 64 years. The incidents for high mortality rate in the men of Belarus are tuberculosis that has resulted in the death of males. There are even cases of HIV though recorded lower at 3 cases per 1000 adults but still it prevails. Other causes are tobacco smoking and the increasing obesity rates.


In Lithuania, the gender gap prevails because of higher rate of smoking among the males as compared to women in the country. Other factors that contribute are mental illness, higher infant mortality rates and suffer from many health problems.

Effects Of Higher Gender Age Gaps On Society

There are many effects of higher gender gaps as most of the women are seen to be working in the offices in USA and UK and many more developed countries but still they face disparity in their wages against the handful of males working with them. According to reports, males more often die because of complications related to smoking, drinking, and other lifestyle factors that impact heart disease susceptibility and high mortality rates across the board. That makes the women of the respective countries look out for males from foreign countries. In most of these countries, males die at younger age. The wide gap in sex ratio will also put a constraint in the performance of economy and will also affect individual lives.


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