10 Conspiracy Theories That Will Blow Your Mind

By Elena Cortesi on March 16 2020 in Society

Do aliens exist inside Area 51?
Do aliens exist inside Area 51?
  • Conspiracy theories are not actual fact; they are conclusions formed based on facts but are nonetheless opinions.
  • No cure exists for the common cold.
  • AIDS originated in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Conspiracy theories can captivate us, and make us see real-life situations with a different twist. Are they truth or are they fiction? A theory by definition according to Google is "an idea used to account for a situation or justify a course of action". It's up to you to draw a conclusion as to what to believe, what to feel and ultimately what to think. Let's have a look at 10 different conspiracy theories that are truly mindblowing. Do you believe these theories? 

10. Lady Di's Death

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Princess Diana was taken away from this world too quickly and this tragedy broke the hearts of millions. Her car was struck by a drunk driver. Sounds a little strange doesn't it? Was this just a freak accident or was it, in fact, an assassination of the iconic young princess and Mohamed Al-Fayed by the British powers that be? 

9. Subliminal Messaging

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Have you ever inexplicably and suddenly craved chips or popcorn while watching a scary movie even though you've just eaten? Have you ever started researching a trip to Cancun in the middle of watching an episode of Game of Thrones because suddenly you're wishing you were on the beach? Is it possible that between the lines advertisers are transmitting messages to us on a subconscious level? Food for thought.

8. Area 51

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It sounds like a cool night club but it's actually home to some freaky alien stuff. Or is it just a military bunker filled with "classified" items that cannot be revealed or discussed because of American national security? This has been the debate for decades. If only ET could phone home maybe we would finally know the truth.

7. Paul McCartney's Death

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Did this rock legend actually die in 1966 and this death was covered up by the Beatles and their people? Were his fans fooled by impersonators and media tricks for all this time? There are many pictures, video clips and other inconsistencies throughout the years that lead fans and critics to believe that it is definitely possible. Conspiracy theorists will never let this be.

6. AIDS and the CIA

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Was this horrible disease called AIDS actually created in military laboratories and inflicted upon the world in an attempt to wipe out homosexuals and African-Americans? Was the CIA behind all of it? A horrific thought that nonetheless has been talked about for decades. It is even rumored that AIDS was spread through various experimental vaccination processes in the 70s in various cities in the US. 

5. Who Really Rules the World? Shhhh. It's a Secret

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The Illuminati? The Freemasons? Or another Secret Society that we may have sort of heard about once but would not dare refer to in public. The theory is that there a select few individuals and groups that are powerful and well-connected zillionaires around the globe that make everything happen...everywhere.

4. Who Killed JFK?

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Why Lee Harvey Oswald, of course. Everyone knows that! Or did he? Did he act alone? And who gave the order and why? There are so many books, films, and articles written theorizing this very public and very controversial murder. The assassination of JFK is definitely a party favorite topic of discussion on the 4th of July.

3. The First Moon Landing

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Why on earth (pun intended) would the US fake a moon landing? Well, they wanted to be the first; beat the Russians in the race into space or so the story goes. Did Neil Armstrong take his "giant leap for mankind" or was it all an act? Is there any evidence proving this mission ever took place other than the pictures and videos provided by NASA?  Conspiracy theorists don't wave the flag in favor of this tale.

2. Big Pharma

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Oh, the drug companies...is there a cure for the common cold? For cancer? Diabetes? With the trillions of dollars invested in research and development for treatments and medication, how is it possible that no cure has been found to date? Could it be that disease and illness are imposed by the governments as a form of population control?  Hmmm.

1. 9/11 Attacks

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There are so many conflicting theories as to what actually happened on that infamous day. The indisputable fact is that these heinous acts were that of terrorism. But remember, terrorism can be foreign or domestic and there is compelling evidence to support both sides. In and of itself the thought of the American government being capable of initiating an attack of this nature on its own people is mind-blowing.  Yet this is probably the most talked-about conspiracy theory of the past almost 2 decades.

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