10 Chilling Ghost Stories From Around the World

By Sharon Omondi on October 12 2017 in World Facts

A spooky enchanted forest is a popular location for a ghost story.
A spooky enchanted forest is a popular location for a ghost story.

10. Australia - Fisher's Ghost

The Fisher’s ghost story is based on ex-convict Frederick Fisher’s disappearance in June 1826, which happened moments after his release. Shortly afterwards, another ex-convict called George Worrall took possession of Fisher’s farm in Campbelltown, west of Sydney. He claimed to have received a letter from Fisher relinquishing power of attorney rights over the estate to him. Four months later, Fisher’s friend purported to have seen Fisher’s ghost pointing toward a paddock down the creek. Strangely, Aboriginal trackers recovered Fisher’s body from the river. George Worrall later confessed to the murder of Fisher. Today, the ghost of Fisher is a popular tale told in Australia.

9. China - Mog Wai/Monster

Another name for Mogwai is mogui. “Mo” is a Chinese word meaning “evil” while the “gui” means deceased spirits. The mogwai are spirits who seek to harm human beings. They reproduce during the rainy season. According to Chinese myths, the mogwai usually takes vengeance on humans. However, the humans can offer sacrifices of fake paper banknotes to the spirits to seek forgiveness for their sins. The dead souls use the money to sustain themselves in their afterlife.

8. United States - Lizzie Borden House

The Lizzie Borden House is associated with the unresolved murder of Abby and Andrew Borden. Their daughter Lizzie Borden was the chief suspect in the case. However, after hearing of the case, the court acquitted Lizzie perhaps due to lack of evidence that linked him to the crime. Yet, people keep associating Lizzie to the murder. After the court case, Lizzie and the sister moved out of the house and got a new home with their inheritance. The Borden house is now a guest house for those who are fascinated by haunted houses. Visitors report strange happenings such as doors closing and opening and floor creaks.

7. Edinburgh, Scotland - Greyfriars Kirkyard Cemetary

Edinburgh, Scotland, has a reputation for being one of the most haunted cities in the world. The Mackenzie Poltergeist in Greyfriars is one of its most well-known ghost stories. The Mackenzie spirit was said to have been awoken in the late 1990s, when the tomb holding Mackenzie was broken into. Since then, visitors to Edinburgh have reported strange injuries including hair pulling, burns, broken fingers, and kicks among others. An uneasy, eerie feeling is also often reported by those visiting the gravesite.

6. Vietnam - the Ghost of Tao Dan Park

Tao Dan Public Park is a public park located in Saigon, Vietnam. There are beliefs that a young man haunts the park. According to the ghost story, unknown people attacked the man and his girlfriend as they were having a good time at the park. This popular legend states that the spirit of the man keeps wandering at the park seeking to rescue his girlfriend from these evil men.

5. Brazil - Presidential Residences

Photo credit: Donatas Dabravolskas / Shutterstock.com.
Photo credit: Donatas Dabravolskas / Shutterstock.com.

Recently, Brazil's presidential family moved out of their presidential residence and into their former residence of the luxurious vice president’s suite. According to President Temer, there was something strange about their house since they moved in. The president claims neither he nor his family had properly slept since the first night when they moved into the house, adding that he "felt something strange there."

4. South Africa - Groote Schuur Hospital

The Groote Schuur Hospital is a large hospital found in South Africa. Over the years, many individuals have lost their lives at the hospital. People believe that these restless whose deaths were untimely keep roaming around the hospital’s hallways and wards. In fact, some patients say that nurses unknown to them tend to their needs. A nurse said to have “white eyes,” and another one called Sister Fatima are said to frequently serve the sick patients who visit Groote Schuur.

3. Italy - Casa degli Spiriti

Casa degli spiriti translates from Italian to mean “house of souls.” It is a splendid palace found in Venice. For many centuries, however, people believed that the palace had a curse. A common myth has it that a painter known as Luzzo killed himself inside the house in the 16th century. The story has it that he killed himself because of his love for Cecilia who was the lover of a man named Giorgione. People say his ghost keeps wandering through the palace as he cries for his love. As if this weren't spooky enough, there was another gruesome incident at the palace in the 1950s, when a young woman was murdered near the lagoon near the palace. It was only after many years that the body was found.

2. Canada - the Ghost of Peggy's Cove

Peggy’s cove refers to a lighthouse that stands on top of some weather-worn rocks. A woman named Margaret, who was nicknamed Peggy, was the original owner of the house. She settled in the house after surviving a shipwreck that killed all her children. Legend has it that she formed the habit of walking around the rocks in the night in a fury of grief over her loss. During one of the nights, her new husband went out with her. Intending to cheer her up, he was dancing on the rocks. Unfortunately, he slipped and died instantly. Not long after that sad incident, Margaret committed suicide. Legend has it that people often see a ghost of a woman, supposedly Peggy, dressed in blue and standing at the edge of the rocks about to jump.

1. Sweden - Silverpilen

Silverpilen is a Swedish word meaning “the Silver Arrow” which is a nickname for a specific train that was part of the Swedish metro's fleet. Much like the name would suggest, the train had a silver color, which was very unlike the other trains which were painted green. Residents of Stockholm had never seen a train quite like it, and because of this legends around what the purpose of the train was started to circulate. Despite the train being cheaper to operate, the train was unpopular with the residents who did not trust its unusual appearance. One of the familiar myths is that one who boarded the Silverpilen never got out. A Swedish ethnologist and scholar wrote about the ghost saying that people could only see it at midnight. He further stated that the train stopped only once a year and its passengers consisted of the living dead.

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