10 Best Educational Websites To Keep Kids Busy During Self-Isolation

By Victoria Simpson on April 27 2020 in How to

Bill Nye’s award-winning science videos have been seen by classrooms full of eager students for decades. Image credit: geekwire.com
Bill Nye’s award-winning science videos have been seen by classrooms full of eager students for decades. Image credit: geekwire.com
  • High school students can learn about the history of civilization using Big History Project.com.
  • Art For Kids Hub is an excellent Youtube resource for learning how to draw.
  • Scholastic has new daily projects for kids to follow online, specifically tailored to using during the coronavirus pandemic.

The kids are stuck at home. The school year is ticking by moment by moment, and you may be left wondering as a parent if your child’s brain is now perhaps turning to melted marshmallows and where we all will find ourselves come next September. By that point, it could be that no one has been in school for about four or five months. We may have all forgotten the words to our national anthems, along with what it is like to sit and wait for your name to be called from the attendance sheet each morning and then miss it when the teacher finally says it. 

Will your child be behind? Will he or she have soared ahead of the pack due to solid study time at home? Regardless of your educational goals for your child, keeping him or her busy and occupied with more than SpongeBob and the latest toy unboxing online is likely on your list. Here are some resources to help you do it. Check out these ten top websites filled with videos, learning programs, and other resources that are educational for kids.

10. PBS Kids

PBS Kids is a great way for kids to learn about math, dinosaurs, art, and much more. Image credit: pbskids.org

PBS Kids is full of videos, shows, games and more. Geared towards young children, it has content related to dinosaurs, math, art, science and more.

9. Curious World

Young learners will be enthralled by knowledge presented on the Curious World website. Image credit: YouTube

Offering safe, ad-free learning with content that is “expertly selected,” this site has much to offer. Curious World operates on a subscription basis and can be personalized to your child’s interests and skill level. For young learners.

8. BrainPOP

Students of all ages can hone their skills on BrainPOP. Image credit: YouTube

Looking for something that targets all age levels? BrainPOP provides students with over 1,000 animated videos for those in kindergarten through grade 12. Just about every subject is covered, from English to math, the arts, social studies, and beyond. Quizzes and other materials are also included.

7. Scholastic Learning at Home

Scholastic has a wide range of free projects available on its site. Image credit: timeout.com

Scholastic has a wide range of free resources available on its site. There are twenty days worth of projects specifically designed to boost reading and reinforce learning while staying at home. Students focus on one project each day, with the opportunity to read books online and complete follow-up activities afterward.

6. National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids is a great resource for students interested in nature and wildlife. Image credit: YouTube

Brain boosters, cool facts, games, and extra learning materials help teach kids all about science, the animal kingdom, cultures, space, and geography. Kids who love animals will adore the high-quality videos and photos available.

5. Art for Kids Hub

Artistic children can learn how to draw on the Art for Kids Hub YouTube channel. Image credit: YouTube

Does your child love to draw? He or she can perfect his or her skills by following Art for Kids Hub on YouTube. Kids learn simple but well-done ways to draw cartoons like an ice cream cone, a dolphin, or a butterfly. Clear, step-by-step instructions, and a camera on the hands that are drawing make it easy to follow along. One of the best learn-to-draw channels around.

4. TVO Kids

TVO Kids features fun educational programs like Odd Squad. Image credit: tvo.org

This site is like Canada’s version of PBS Kids. Shows, games, and apps help kids learn about a wide variety of subject areas. Particularly entertaining as well as educational is Odd Squad, a kids comedy that teaches about math through young “government agents” that investigate the weird and wacky in their town.

3. Crash Course Kids

Crash Course Kids features lively hosts and fun science projects. Image credit: YouTube

Do you need a crash course on just about anything and everything? Sabrina is the host who leads viewers through quick lessons related to 5th-grade science and beyond. The videos are well-produced, visually appealing, engaging, lively, and easy to follow, as well as being well-informed. This site is perfect for a new perspective on something already learned in school or a brief intro to a new subject area.

2. Bill Nye the Science Guy

Bill Nye educates children about science in a fun and exciting way. Image credit: www.billnye.com

What educational resource list is complete without Bill Nye? Bill Nye’s award-winning science videos have been seen by classrooms full of eager students for years. Now you can watch it all online. He covers life sciences, physical science, as well as planetary science, with everything you needed to know about life on Earth. Bill Nye is absolutely amazing, and if your kid is at all interested in science, and even if they are not, they are bound to love watching and learning from him.

1. Big History Project

Big History Project is geared towards middle school and high school students. Photo by Giammarco Boscaro on Unsplash

This one is geared towards middle school and high school students. The Big History Project is described on its website as “a supercharged social studies curriculum that gets beyond facts.” Beautifully designed and made for use in both classrooms and at home, students can start with the beginning of the universe and work their way forwards. 

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