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Siglufjordur Airport (SIJ)

Siglufjordur Airport location on a map

Siglufjordur Airport is a regional airport in Siglufjordur, Northeast, Iceland. Its IATA code is SIJ and is located latitude 66.13 and longitude -18.92 in Iceland and operates in GMT time zone which is the same time zone as Akureyri.

Is used primarily for civil, private or non-scheduled commercial flights.

It has one runway that only allow daytime landings, and can support most single engine aircraft, light twins, most business jets and smaller commuter aircraft.

Airport Information

Latitude 66.13330000
Longitude -18.91670000
City Siglufjordur


Code Length Width Surface Lighted
07/25 3556 ft / 1083 m 105 ft / 32 m BIT No

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