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List of Airports in Finland

Finland airports

There are 33 primary airports in Finland distributed among 32 cities. Finland has the 56th largest tourism market in the world by air, with 4,226,000 tourists arriving each year.*

The national aviation authority for the country is Finnish Transport Safety Agency. The busiest airport is Helsinki-Vantaa Airport with a total of 15,948,760 passengers.

City Airport IATA
Helsinki Helsinki-Vantaa Airport HEL
Helsinki Helsinki-Malmi Airport HEM
Mustamännistö Hyvinkaa Airport HYV
Turku Turku Airport TKU
Pori Pori Airport POR
Forssa Forssa Airport QVE
Tampere Tampere–Pirkkala Airport TMP
Lahti Lahti Vesivehmaa Airport QLF
Utti Utti Airport UTI
Lappeenranta Lappeenranta Airport LPP
Mikkeli Mikkeli Airport MIK
Savonlinna Savonlinna Airport SVL
Varkaus Varkaus Airport VRK
Kuopio Kuopio Airport KUO
Joensuu Joensuu Airport JOE
Kitee Kitee Airport KTQ
Jyvaskyla Jyväskylä Airport JYV
Halli Halli Airport KEV
Kauhajoki Kauhajoki Airport KHJ
Kauhava Kauhava Airport KAU
Seinajoki Seinajoki-Ilmajok Airport SJY
Vaasa Vaasa Airport VAA
Kokkola/Pietarsaari Kokkola-Pietarsaari Airport KOK
Oulu Oulu Airport OUL
Ylivieska Ylivieska Airport YLI
Kuusamo Kuusamo Airport KAO
Kajaani Kajaani Airport KAJ
Rovaniemi Rovaniemi Airport RVN
Kemi/Tornio Kemi KEM
Enontekiö Enontekiö Airport ENF
Kittilä Kittilä Airport KTT
Ivalo Ivalo Airport IVL
Sodankylä Sodankylä Airfield SOT

*World Tourism Organization, Yearbook of Tourism Statistics, Compendium of Tourism Statistics and data files.

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