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List of Airports in Cameroon

Cameroon airports

There are 14 primary airports in Cameroon distributed among 14 cities. Cameroon has the 114th largest tourism market in the world by air, with 912,000 tourists arriving each year.*

The national aviation authority for the country is Cameroon Civil Aviation Authority.

City Airport IATA
Bertoua Bertoua Airport BTA
Batouri Batouri Airport OUR
Bali Bali Airport BLC
Bafoussam Bafoussam Airport BFX
Dschang Dschang Airport DSC
Mamfe Mamfe Airport MMF
Bota Limbe Airport VCC
Ngaoundere Ngaoundéré Airport NGE
Yaoundé Yaounde NSI
Yagoua Yagoua Airport GXX
Kaélé Kaélé Airport KLE
Maroua Salak Airport MVR
Ébolowa Ebolowa Airport EBW
Kribi Kribi Airport KBI

*World Tourism Organization, Yearbook of Tourism Statistics, Compendium of Tourism Statistics and data files.

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