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Marble Bar Airport (MBB)

Marble Bar Airport location on a map

Marble Bar Airport is a regional airport in Marble Bar, Western Australia, Australia. Its IATA code is MBB and is located latitude -21.16 and longitude 119.83 in Australia and operates in AWST time zone which is the same time zone as Perth.

Is used primarily for civil, private or non-scheduled commercial flights.

It has 2 runways that only allow daytime landings, and can support most single engine aircraft, light twins, most business jets and smaller commuter aircraft.

Airport Information

Latitude -21.16330000
Longitude 119.83300000
City Marble Bar


Code Length Width Surface Lighted
09/27 4009 ft / 1221 m 0 ft / 0 m X No
17/35 3454 ft / 1052 m 0 ft / 0 m X No

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