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List of Airports in Angola

Angola airports

There are 33 primary airports in Angola distributed among 32 cities. Angola has the 124th largest tourism market in the world by air, with 650,000 tourists arriving each year.*

The national aviation authority for the country is National Civil Aviation Institute.

City Airport IATA
Catumbela Catumbela Airport CBT
Waku-Kungo Waku Kungo Airport CEO
Lobito Lobito Airport LLT
Andulo Andulo Airport ANL
Cuito Cuanavale Cuito Cuanavale Airport CTI
Dirico Dirico Airport DRC
Menongue Menongue Airport SPP
Caculo Ndalatandos Airport NDF
Sumbe Sumbe Airport NDD
Porto Amboim Porto Amboim Airport PBN
Ondjiva Ngjiva Pereira Airport VPE
Xangongo Xangongo Airport XGN
Ndjamba Jamba Airport JMB
Lubango Lubango Airport SDD
Capanda Capanda Airport KNP
Malanje Malanje Airport MEG
Namibe Namibe Airport MSZ
Cazombo Cazombo Airport CAV
Cangamba Cangamba Airport CNZ
Lumbala N' guimbo Lumbala Airport GGC
Luena Luena Airport LUO
Luau Luau Airport UAL
Mbanza Negage Negage Airport GXG
Uíge Uige Airport UGO
Mbanza Congo Mbanza Congo Airport SSY
Soyo Soyo Airport SZA
Cafunfo Cafunfo Airport CFF
Chitato Dundo Airport DUE
Lucapa Lucapa Airport LBZ
Luzamba Luzamba Airport LZM
Nzagi Andrada Nzagi Airport NZA
Chitato Chitato Airport PGI
Saurimo Saurimo Airport VHC

*World Tourism Organization, Yearbook of Tourism Statistics, Compendium of Tourism Statistics and data files.

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