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Famous Uruguayans

People listed are almost always native to the country. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within the country for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the country in their personal endeavors.

H - L

  • David Hendler actor
  • Carlos Maria Herrera artist
  • Luis Alberto de Herrera lawyer, politician
  • Eleuterio Fernandez Huidobro former guerrilla, politician, journalist, author
  • Juana de Ibarbourous poet
  • Mariana Ingold composer, singer
  • Nicholas Jodal co-founder of software company
  • Luis Alberto Lacalle lawyer, former president
  • Francisco Curt Lange musicologist
  • Osvaldo Laport actor
  • Juan Antonio Lavalleja revolutionary, political figure
  • Diego Lugano football player
  • Jorge Majfud author
  • Jose Luis Massera scientist
  • Eduardo Mateo singer, songwriter
  • Aparicio Mendez former president
  • Martin Mendez musician
  • Rafael Michelini politician
  • Zelmar Michelinipolitician
  • Emir Rodriguez Monegal writer, literary scholar
  • Emil Montgomery musician
  • Barbara Mori actress
  • Jose Mujica politician, president
  • Homar Murdoch musician
N - P
  • Rodolfo Nin Novoa leader Progressive Alliance, former vice-president
  • "Los Olimarenos" folklore performer
  • Juan Carlos Onetti author
  • Jose Batlle Ordonez former president
  • Natalia Oreiro actress
  • General Manuel Oribe former president
  • Carlos Ott architect
  • Nando Parrado one of 16 survivors of Andes air crash
  • Sisto Pascale artist
Q - S
  • Horacio Quiroga author, playwright, poet
  • Ruben Rada musician
  • Julio Herra y Reissig poet
  • Carlos Reyles authort
  • Jose Fructuoso Rivera general, patriot
  • Jose Enrique Rodo essayist
  • Jaime Roos singer, composer, record producer
  • Enrique Rubio politician, author, teacher
  • Hermenegildo Sabat artist
  • Julio Maria Sanguinetti former president, journalist
  • Juan Zorrilla de San Martin poet
  • Felipe Seade artist
  • Julio Sosa singer
T - Z
  • Gabriel Terra former president
  • Sebastian Teysera singer
  • Waldemiro Torres boxer
  • Jose Pedro Varela education reformer
  • Javier de Viana author
  • Julio Vilamajo architect
  • Carlos Paez Vilaro artist
  • Alfredo Zitarrosa composer, singer, journalist, poet
  • China Zorrilla actress

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