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R - S
  • Eleuterio Ramirez officer, hero War of the Pacific
  • Marcelo Rios tennis player
  • Arturo Torres Rioseco historian
  • Manuel Robles composer
  • Laura Rodriguez first humanists party deputy in the world
  • Manuel Rodriguez guerrilla leader
  • Marcelo Salas football player
  • Jose Santos jockey
  • Horatio Sanz comedian, actor
  • Alejandro Silva musician
  • Clara Solovera songwriter
  • Thomas Sommerscales artist (born in England)
  • Esther Sore 1940's singer
  • Rafael Sotomayor war minister War of the Pacific
  • Benjamin Subercaseaux historian, author
T - V
  • Joaquin Toesca designer of the presidential house "La Moneda"
  • Monsenor Enrique Alvear Urrutia "the bishop of the poor people"
  • Emilio Ulloa long distance runner
  • Silvia Soublette de Valdes composer, singer, conductor
  • Arturo Valenzuela former white house adviser to President Clinton
  • Leonor Varela actress
  • Martin Vargas boxer
  • Andres Velasco former finance minister
  • Veronica Villarroel soprano
  • Ramon Vinay tenor
W - Z
  • Gert Weil shot putter
  • Alexander Witt director
  • Adolfo Zaldivar politician
  • Andres Zaldivar politician
  • Ivan Zamorano football player
  • Jose Ignacio Zenteno army officer
  • Alonso de Ercilla y Zuniga Spanish soldier

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