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Famous people from virginia

People listed are almost always native to the state. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within a state for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the state in their personal endeavors.

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  • Hunter "Patch" Adams activist, diplomat, author
  • Virginia (V.C.) Andrews author
  • Richard Arlen actor
  • Arthur Ashe tennis player
  • William Henry Ashley fur trader, entrepreneur, politician
  • Stephen F. Austin leader of texas independence from mexico, called the "father of texas"
  • Diedrich Bader actor, comedian
  • Pearl Bailey actress, singer
  • Russell Wayne Baker essayist, journalist, biographer
  • Phil Balsley singer
  • Kylene Barker miss america
  • Warren Beatty actor
  • George Caleb Bingham artist
  • Blackstreet music group
  • DrĂ© Bly football player
  • Aaron Brooks football player
  • Ruth Brown singer
  • William Cabell Bruce historian, pulitzer prize winner
  • Abraham Buford Revolutionary War officer
  • Joyce Bulifant actress
  • Sandra Bullock actress
  • Plaxico Burress football player
  • Hilarie Burton actress
  • Jeff Burton automobile racer
  • Ward Burton automobile racer
  • Curtis Bush world champion kickboxer
  • Charlie Byrd musician
  • Richard E. Byrd polar explorer, aviator
  • William Byrd II author, founder richmond, virgina
  • James Branch Cabell author
  • Maybelle Carter singer
  • June Carter Cash singer, songwriter
  • Willa Cather author
  • Spencer Christian television broadcaster
  • George Rogers Clark revolutionary war military leader
  • Roy Clark musician, performer
  • William Clark explorer
  • Henry Clay statesman, orator
  • Clarence Clemons musician
  • Patsy Cline singer
  • LaTasha Colander olympic medalist
  • Stewart Copeland musician
  • Michael Copon actor
  • Joseph Cotten actor
  • William Couper sculptor
  • Katie Couric television host
  • Michael Cuddyer baseball player
  • Ronald Curry football player
  • Wardell Stephen "Dell" Curry basketball player, commentator
  • Virginius Dabney journalist, pulitzer prize winner
  • Colgate Whitehead Darden, Jr. politician
  • Tom Dolan olympic medalist
  • Steve Earle singer, songwriter
  • Jubal Early lawyer, Civil War Confederate general
  • Kenny Easley football player
  • Perry Ellis fashion designer
  • Rob Estes actor
  • Sir Moses Ezekiel sculptor

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  • Samuel Face inventor
  • John Facenda broadcaster, sports announcer
  • Frankie Faison actor
  • Ella Fitzgerald singer, first lady of song
  • Five Keys music group
  • Gary Fleder film director
  • Douglas S. Freeman journalist, pulitzer prize winner
  • Stephen Furst actor
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  • Patrick Henry politician, planter, post-colonial governor
  • Samuel "Sam" Houston politician, statesman, soldier, leader of Texas revolution
  • Allen Iverson basketball player
  • Thomas Jefferson u.s. president, patriot, author declaration of independence
  • Courtney Jines actress
  • Henry Jordan football player
  • Todd Eric Kelly football player
  • Shawn Kuykendall soccer player
  • Henrietta Lacks source of cells from cancerous tumor to create an cell line for medical research, known as HeLa cell line
  • Abner Lacock politician
  • Mary Landrieu politician
  • Kara Lawson basketball player
  • Henry "Light Horse Harry" Lee leader revolutionary war
  • Robert E. Lee general confederate army
  • William Henry Fitzhugh Lee confederate cavalry general
  • Meriwether Lewis explorer
  • David Macklin football player
  • Shirley MacLaine actress
  • Naomi Long Madgett poet
  • James Madison u. s. president
  • Moses Malone baseball player
  • Aimee Mann musician, singer, songwriter
  • John Marshall statesman, jurist
  • George Mason IV patriot, statesman
  • Matthew Fontaine Maury astrophysicist, oceanographer, meteorologist, cartographer, artist, educator
  • Cyrus Hall McCormick inventor grain reaper
  • Ephraim McDowell physician, "father of abdominal surgery"
  • William McGuffey educator, author "McGuffey Readers"
  • Lewis McKenzie politician, railroad president
  • Mary T. Meagher olympic medalist
  • James Monroe u.s. president
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