Oregon Famous Natives

People listed are almost always native to the state. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within a state for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the state in their personal endeavors.


  • Danny Ainge basketball and baseball player
  • David Anders actor
  • Cecil D. Andrus secretary of the interior
  • Garner Ted Armstrong evangelist
  • Brad Badger football player
  • Del Baker baseball player
  • Rex T. Barber aviator, WWII fighter pilot
  • Carl Barks artist, illustrator
  • James Beard food expert, writer
  • Phillip Bradley Bird animator
  • Earl Blumenauer politician
  • Bill Bowerman founder of nike
  • Chuck Bown race car driver
  • John Bown race car driver
  • Meredith Brooks singer, songwriter
  • Ty Burrell actor
  • Marion Carl aviator, WWII fighter ace
  • Raymond Carver short story writer, poet
  • Michael Cassidy actor
  • Chief Joseph Nez Perce Indian leader
  • Beverly Cleary author
  • Gretchen Corbett actress
  • Jack Corbett cartoonist
D - E
  • Homer Davenport political cartoonist
  • Harold L. Davis author
  • Jack Elam actor
  • Jacoby Ellsbury baseball player
  • Douglas C. Engelbart inventor
  • Neil Everett sportscaster
F - G
  • George Buck Flower actor
  • Sally Flynn singer
  • Dick Fosbury athlete, high jumper
  • Dan Gauthier actor
  • Alfred C. Gilbert inventor, toy manufacturer
  • Bob Gilder golfer
  • Matt Groening cartoonist, producer, writer
  • Page Hamilton singer, guitarist
  • Tim Hardin musician, composer
  • Tonya Harding figure skater
  • Katie Harman former miss america
  • Joey Harrington football player
  • Bret Harrison actor
  • Mark Hatfield politician
  • Howard Hesseman actor
  • William (Bill) Louis Hudson musician, singer, songwriter
  • Brett Hudson musician, singer, songwriter
  • Joni Huntley track athlete
J - L
  • Peter Jacobsen golfer
  • David Kennerly photographer
  • Harmon Killebrew baseball player
  • Dave Kingman baseball player
  • Justin Kirk actor
  • Toby Linz actor
  • Steve Lyons baseball player, sportscaster


  • Edwin Markham poet
  • Phyllis McGinley author
  • Charles McNary politician
  • Jesse Merz actor, director, producer
  • Elaine Miles actress
  • Sean Muir playwright
  • Ona Munson actress
  • Dale Murphy baseball player
N - P
  • Maurine Brown Neuberger politician
  • Austin O'Brien actor
  • Patrick O'Hearn musician
  • Bob Packwood politician
  • Linus Pauling chemist
  • Johnny Pesky baseball player
  • River Phoenix actor
  • Mitch Pileggi actor
  • Jane Powell actress
  • Steve Prefontaine legendary long-distance runner
  • Ahmad Rashad football player, sportscaster
  • Johnnie Ray singer
  • Susan Raye singer
  • John Reed journalist, poet
  • Harold Reynoldsbaseball player
  • Kim Rhodes actress
  • Jason James Richteractor
  • Burt Rutan aerospace engineer
  • Susan Ruttan actress
  • Mark Ryden artist
  • Katee Sackhoff actress
  • Patricia Schroeder politician
  • Stephen Scott composer
  • Doc Severinsen musician
  • Ross Shafer comedian, television host
  • Jonathan Stark tennis player
  • Sally Struthers actress
V - W
  • Will Vinton animator
  • Craig Wasson actor
  • Philip Whalen poet
  • Carl E.Wieman physicist, nobel prize winner
  • David "Dave" Wilcox football player
  • Brak Wilk drummer
  • Bridgette Wilson actress
  • Kailee Wong football player
  • Anthony Wynn playwright, author
Y - Z
  • J. Arthur Younger politician
  • Mariel Zagunis fencing gold medalist
  • John Zerzan author

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