Ohio Famous Natives

People listed are almost always native to the state. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within a state for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the state in their personal endeavors.


  • Berenice Abbott photographer
  • Kurt Abbott baseball player
  • Karen Ackerman author
  • Steven Adler musician
  • Lola Albright singer, actress
  • Tom Aldredge actor
  • Corey Allen film director, writer, producer
  • Sherwood Anderson author
  • Ray Anthony bandleader, trumpeter
  • R. W. Apple journalist, editor
  • Neil Armstrong astronaut, first man on the moon
  • Dan Auerback musician
  • Albert Ayler musician, composer
  • Catherine Bach actress
  • Jim Backus actor
  • William Jacob Baer artist, illustrator
  • Kaye Ballard actress
  • Chris Bando baseball player
  • Lisa Banes actress
  • Theda Bara actress
  • Bobby Bare singer
  • Natalie Clifford Barney poet
  • Majel Barrett actress
  • Frank J. Battisti jurist
  • Kathleen Battle soprano
  • Tim Belcher baseball player
  • George Bellows artist
  • Jonathan Bennett actor
  • Halle Berry model, actress
  • Ambrose Bierce journalist, writer
  • Chad Billingsley baseball player
  • Cindy Blackman musician
  • Nina Blackwood music journalist
  • Dave Blaney auto racer
  • J. Paul Boehmer actor
  • Erma Bombeck columnist
  • William "Bill" Boyd actor
  • Earl Boykins basketball player
  • Louis Bromfield author, pulitzer prize winner
  • Clancy Brown actor
  • Paul Brown football coach
  • Ray Brown baseball player
  • Woody Brown actor
  • Charles F. Brush inventor
  • Michelle Burke inventor
  • Henry Lawrence Burnett union army brigadier general
  • Ralph Byrd actor
  • Marion Byrom comedian
  • Mary Katherine Campbell two-time miss america
  • Milton Caniff cartoonist
  • George Cappuzello baseball player
  • Vincent J. Cardinal playwright
  • Drew Carey actor
  • Rob Carpenter football player
  • Clarence Eugene "Butch" Carter basketball coach
  • Cris Carter football player
  • Drew Carter football player
  • Lionel Cartwright singer, songwriter
  • Nancy Cartwright voice actress
  • Alice Cary poet
  • William Case politician
  • Steve Chabot politician
  • George Chakiris actor
  • Justin Chambers actor
  • Damian Chapa actor
  • Tracy Chapman singer, songwriter
  • Charles W. Chesnutt author
  • Marguerite Clark actress
  • Gilby Clarke musician
  • Roger Clemens baseball player
  • Tammy Cochran singer
  • David Allan Coe singer, songwriter
  • Marco Coleman football player
  • William "Bootsy" Collins musician
  • Cris Collinsworth football player, sportscaster
  • Ray Combs television game show host
  • Earl Thomas Conley singer, composer
  • Tim Conway actor
  • Cowboy Copas singer
  • James M. Cox politician
  • Hart Crane poet
  • Wes Craven film director
  • Sylvia Crawley basketball player, coach
  • Larry Csonka football player
  • Michael Cunningham author, pulitzer prize winner
  • Ben Curtis golfer
  • George Custer cavalry commander civil war, indian wars
  • Beverly D'Angelo actress
  • Dorothy Dandridge actress
  • Frank Daniels actor, comedian
  • William H. Daniels cinematographer
  • Thom Darden football player
  • Clarence Darrow attorney, civil libertarian
  • Charles G. Dawes u.s. vice president
  • Len Dawson football player, sportscaster
  • Doris Day actress, singer
  • Edward J. DeBartolo, Sr. builder, developer, "father" of american shopping malls
  • Ruby Dee actress, playwright, screenwriter
  • Jay DeMarcus musician
  • Michael DeWine politician
  • Phyllis Diller comedian
  • Bethany Dillon musician
  • Martin Dillon tenor, musician
  • Jim Dine artist
  • Phil Donahue talk show host
  • Stephen R. Donaldson author
  • Andy Dorris football player
  • James "Buster" Douglas boxer
  • Rita Dove poet, pulitzer prize winner
  • Hugh Downs television broadcaster
  • Dave Dravecky baseball player, motivational speaker
  • Robert "Rob" Dyrdek skateboarder, actor
  • Keir Dullea actor
  • Paul L. Dunbar poet
  • Ryan Dunn actor

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