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map of new mexico famous natives
Famous people from new mexico map

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new mexico famous natives

A - B
  • Rudolfo Anaya author
  • Manuel Armijo politician
  • Jimmy Santiago Baca author
  • Smokey Bear fire prevention symbol
  • Jeffrey Bezos founder
  • Nacio Herb Brown songwriter
  • Bruce Cabot actor
  • Dave Campos motorcycle racer, former land speed record holder
  • Jan Clayton actress
  • George Coe rancher, cowboy, gunman (born in MO)
  • Edward Condon physicist
  • Robert Crichton author
D - F
  • John Denver singer/songwriter
  • Pete Domenici politician
  • Harvey Fergusson author
  • Bob Foster boxer
G - H
  • Andrew Gaffney astronaut
  • Sid Gutierrez astronaut
  • William Hanna cartoonist
  • Neil Patrick Harris actor
  • Conrad Hilton founder Hilton hotel chain
  • Peter Hurd artist
K - M
  • Ralph Kiner baseball player
  • Tommy MacDonald football player
  • William (Bill) Henry Mauldin political cartoonist
  • Henry McCarty "Billy the Kid" frontier outlaw, gunman (birthplace claimed by several states)
  • Demi Moore actress
P - S
  • Freddie Prinze, Jr. actor (born in CA)
  • Eugene Manlove Rhodes author
  • Harrison Schmitt astronaut, politician
  • Leslie Marmon Silko poet, novelist
  • Mike Smith jockey
  • Slim Summerville comedian
U - W
  • Al Unser, Sr. auto racer
  • Al Unser, Jr. auto racer
  • Bobby Unser auto racer
  • Brian Urlacher football player
  • Duane Ward baseball player
  • Linda Wertheimer radio journalist

Manuel ArmijoBilly the kidDrew GaffneyEdward CondonHarrison ScmittPete Dominicismokey the bearBill maudlin

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