New Jersey

New Jersey Famous Natives

People listed are almost always native to the state. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within a state for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the state in their personal endeavors.


  • Bud Abbott actor, comedian
  • Joseph Alexander Adams first electrotyper in u.s.
  • Charles Addams cartoonist
  • Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin astronaut
  • Jason Alexander actor
  • Samuel Alito jurist
  • James Avery actor
  • Amiri Baraka poet, essayist
  • Priscilla Barnes actress
  • James J. Barry, Jr. politician
  • William "Count" Basie big band leader
  • William "Bill" Bellamy actor, comedian
  • Joan Bennett actress
  • Jason Biggs actor
  • Clint Black singer, songwriter
  • Judy Blume author
  • Zach Braff actor
  • Phil Bredesen politician
  • William J. Brennan, Jr. jurist
  • Aaron Burr u.s. vice president, revolutionary war hero
  • Mary Chapin Carpenter singer, songwriter
  • Rubin Carter boxer
  • Grover Cleveland u.s. president
  • Lloyd H. Conover inventor
  • James Fenimore Cooper novelist
  • Lou Costello comedian, actor
  • Stephen Crane author
  • Sandra Dee actress
  • Danny DeVito actor
  • Michael Kirk Douglas actor
  • Jim Dowd hockey player
  • Derek Drymon cartoonist
  • Kirsten Dunst actress
  • Duprees music group
  • Andrea Dworkin author, activist
E - G
  • Geoff Edwards actor, radio host
  • Alecko Eskandarian soccer player
  • Donald Fagen musician, songwriter
  • Bradford "Brad" Faxon golfer
  • Susan Flannery actress
  • Connie Francis singer
  • Helen Gahagan actress, politician
  • James Gandolfini actor
  • Gloria Gaynor singer
  • Allen Ginsberg poet
  • Savion Glover actor, dancer, choreographer
  • William F. Halsey, Jr. admiral u.s. navy
  • Chelsea Handler comedienne, actress, author
  • John Harkes soccer player
  • Lauryn Hill singer, musician
  • Donald Fletcher Holmes inventor
  • Wil Horneff actor
  • Whitney Houston singer
I - J
  • Ice T rap artist
  • Derek Jeter baseball player
  • James P. Johnson pianist, composer
  • Leavander Johnson boxer
  • Jonas Brothers music group
  • Ben Jorgensen musician, singer
  • Jon Bon Jovi musician, singer
  • Joyce Kilmer author, poet
  • Alfred Kinsey "father of sexology", researcher, biologist, author
  • Ernie Kovacs comedian
  • Jane Krakowski actress
  • Nathan Lane actor
  • Artie Lange actor, comedian
  • Dorothea Lange photographer, photojournalist
  • Frank Langella actor
  • Queen Latifah actress
  • Nicole Leach actress
  • Arthur Lenk ambassador
  • Donna Leon author
  • Jerry Lewis actor, comedian
  • Anne Morrow Lindbergh author
  • Ray Liotta actor
  • Norman Mailer novelist
  • James W. Marshall started california gold rush
  • Ann Martin author
  • Patricia McBride ballerina
  • Tony Meola soccer player
  • Jason Mewes actor
  • Jay Mohr actor
  • Daniel Morgan pioneer, soldier, politician
  • Frankie Muniz actor
  • Eger V. Murphree inventor
N - P
  • Ozzie Nelson musician, radio/television host
  • Ricky Nelson singer, actor
  • Shaquille O'Neal basketball player
  • Tommy Page singer
  • Joe Pantoliano actor
  • Bill Parcells football coach
  • Dorothy Parker poet
  • Alice Paul suffragist leader
  • Jim Perry television host
  • Joe Pesci actor
  • Thomas R. Pickering ambassador
  • Zebulon Pike soldier, explorer
  • Joe Piscopo actor, comedian
  • Laura Prepon actress
  • Eddie Rabbitt singer (born in NY)
  • Tara Reid actress
  • Claudio Reyna soccer player
  • Kelly Ripa television host, actress
  • Paul Robeson actor, singer
  • Dennis Rodman basketball player
  • Edward J. Rosinski inventor
  • Giuseppe Rossi soccer player
  • Philip Roth author
  • Eva Marie Saint actress
  • Richard Stephen Sambora musician
  • Laura San Giacomoi actress
  • Antonin Scalia u.s. supreme court justice
  • Roy Scheider actor
  • Sherwood Schwartz television producer
  • Norman Schwarzkopf u.s. army general
  • Shirelles music group
  • Amy Shoremount-Obrai singer
  • Paul Simon musician
  • Frank Sinatra actor, singer
  • Justin Smith "Just Blaze" music producer
  • Kevin Smith screenwriter, director
  • Soraya musician
  • Kevin Spacey actor
  • Bruce Springsteen singer, musician
  • Ruth St. Denis dancer, choreographer
  • Richard Sterban singer
  • Martha Stewart entrepreneur, television host
  • Alfred Stieglitz photographer
  • Meryl Streep actress
  • Albert Payson Terhune author
  • Joseph Robert "Joe" Theismann football player, broadcaster
  • David "Dave" Thomas founder wendy's hamburgers, philanthropist
  • Ashley Tisdale actress
  • John Travolta actor
  • Martin Truex, Jr. race car driver
  • Frankie Valli musician
  • Lee Van Cleef actor
  • William Henry Vanderbilt financier
  • Sarah Vaughn singer
W - Z
  • Patrick Warburton actor
  • Dionne Warwick singer
  • Gerard Way musician
  • J. D. Williams actor
  • William Carlos Williams poet
  • Bruce Willis actor (born in Germany)
  • Clerow "Flip" Wilson, Jr. actor, comedian
  • Edmund Wilson author
  • Zakk Wylde musician
  • Pia Zadora actress, singer

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