New Hampshire

New Hampshire Famous Natives

People listed are almost always native to the state. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within a state for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the state in their personal endeavors.

  • Sherman Adams politician
  • Thomas Bailey Aldrich author, editor "atlantic monthly"
  • Brooke Astor philanthropist
  • Josiah Bartlett statesman, signer declaration of independence
  • Amy Beach composer, pianist
  • Matthew Bonner basketball player
  • Philip Booth poet
  • Henry Styles Bridges teacher, editor, politician
  • Laura Bridgman first deaf-blind child to receive education in English, writer
  • Alice Brown author, poet, playwright
  • Dan Brown author
  • Chris Carpenter baseball player
  • Lewis Cass military officer, politician
  • Benjamin Champney artist
  • Salmon P. Chase politician, jurist
  • Jonas Chickering piano manufacturer
  • Joseph Cilley politician
  • Gordon Clapp actor
  • Ralph Adams Cram architect
  • Moody Currier attorney, banker, patron of the arts
  • Charles Dana author, journalist, politician
  • Jonathan Daniels civil rights activist
  • Henry Dearborn statesman, revolutionary and war of 1812 veteran
  • Ronnie James Dio singer
  • Michael Durant army helicopter pilot
E - F
  • Mary Baker Eddy founder christian science religion
  • William P. Fessenden politician
  • Carlton Fisk baseball player
  • Mike Flanagan baseball player
  • Elizabeth Burley Flynn labor leader, activist, founding member american civil liberties union
  • Sam Walter Foss poet
  • Daniel Chester French sculptor
  • Augustus Saint-Gaudens sculptor
  • Jeff Giuliano hockey player
  • John Goffe colonial soldier
  • Horace Greeley editor, founder "new york tribune"
  • Judd Gregg politician
  • Doris "Granny D" Haddock politician, activist
  • Sara Josepha Hale author
  • Donald Hall poet
  • Randy Harrison actor
  • Isaac Hill publisher, editor, politician
  • Paul Hodes politician
  • Sam Huntington actor
I - L
  • John Irving author, screenwriter
  • Dean Kamen inventor (born new york)
  • Jean Kasem actress
  • Benjamin Franklin Keith vaudeville theater owner
  • John King politician, founder n.h. sweepstakes
  • Ray LaMontagne singer, songwriter
  • John Langdon patriot, politician
  • Lyndon LaRouche economist, activist
  • Paul Michael Levesque (Triple H) professional wrestler
  • William Loeb publisher
  • Thaddeus S. C. Lowe scientist, inventor
  • Joyce Maynard author
  • Christa McAuliffe first teacher in space (challenger)
  • Marice "Mac" McDonald co-founder first mcdonald's restaurant
  • Richard "Dick" McDonald co-founder first mcdonald's restaurant
  • Larkin Goldsmith Mead sculptor
  • Nathanial Meserve shipbuilder
  • Grace Metalious author
  • Josh Meyers actor
  • Seth Meyers actor, comedian
  • Bode Miller olympic medalist
  • Mandy Moore singer, songwriter, actress
  • Jonathan Moulton captain, new hampshire militia
  • Tara Mounsey olympic medalist
N - P
  • Commodore George Washington Nutt p. t. barnum circus midget
  • Chad Paronto baseball player
  • Princeton Jacob Perez singer
  • John Perkins activist, author
  • Franklin Pierce 14th u.s. president
  • John S. Pillsbury politician, philanthropist
  • Penelope "Penny" Pitou olympic medalist
  • Eleanor Porter author
  • Richard Potter first stage magician, hypnotist, ventriloquist
  • Charles Revson creator revlon cosmetics (born in Canada)
  • Marilla Ricker first woman lawyer in n.h.
  • Robert "Red" Rolfe baseball player
  • Kevin Romine baseball player
  • Tom Rush singer
  • Adam Sandler comedian, actor (born in New York)
  • Jeanne Shaheen first woman governor of n.h. (born in Missouri)
  • Shaw Brothers music group
  • John Shea actor
  • Alan Shepard astronaut
  • Cosy Sheridan singer, songwriter
  • Sarah Silverman actress, comedian, writer
  • David Souter jurist
  • Bill Staines singer, songwriter
  • John Stark general revolutionary war, "hero of bennington"
  • Christopher Stone actor
  • Harlan Fiske Stone u. s. attorney general, jurist
  • John Sullivan general revolutionary war
  • John Sununu politician
T - V
  • Bob Tewksbury baseball player
  • Celia Laighton Thaxter poet
  • Jenny Thompson olympic medalist (born in Massachusetts)
  • Earl Tupper inventor tupperware
  • Brian Viglione drummer
  • Meshech Weare first president
  • Daniel Webster orator, statesman
  • Benning Wentworth colonial governor
  • "Long" John Wentworth editor, politician
  • Stan Williams baseball player
  • Henry Wilson u. s. vice president
  • John Gilbert Winant politician
  • Levi Woodbury politician, jurist
  • Joseph Emerson Worcester lexicographer

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